NAMM 2016: Corning Optical offers high performance cables

Corning booth at the 2016 NAMM Show.
Corning booth at the 2016 NAMM Show.

High performance cabling is cool and all but we confess: We’re also in this one for the kitsch. Might this be the same Corning of CorningWare fame? That iconic white ceramic glass cookware with its blue flowery trademark that shaped so many childhood kitchen memories? Yep–and while Corning no longer owns the CorningWare line, it was that fun little connection that lured us to the booth; we’re quirky that way.

But we’d also done our homework. Corning, Inc., an historic glassworks technology giant, sold off its charming CorningWare cookery line in 2000. The company now focuses on a number of progressive technological glasswork endeavors, including optical and cabling solutions for a variety of industries and high-end applications. You can also thank these folks for the  Gorilla Glass protecting your i-device

On display were Corning’s Thunderbolt™ and 3.Optical cables™, both touted by the company as “the fastest protocols at distances up to 60 m.” These cables are designed for commercial use in audio, video, photography and medical imaging markets. The cables are thin, light and stand up well to tangling and bending–the kinds of daily abuses that quickly wear down most cables. Copper cable maxes out at around 10 feet or so but Corning’s cables are not bound by such limits. These cables can easily reach a couple hundred feet without compromising high data transfer speeds. We liked the extra reinforcement at the Thunderbolt’s stress point–this is always where our cables tear and fail over time from routine manipulation–and would like to see that on the intriguing 3.Optical cable as well. The 3.Optical courts machine vision, educational, digital, point-of-sale automation and digital signage market applications.

Though Corning is presently targeting the professional audio-visual segment, our friendly booth rep said the company is also looking into developing a line for the consumer market.

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