The 11-Year-Old Critic: NBA 2K12 iPad review

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson from NBA 2K12 videogame2KSports has had an incredible run of success with its sports titles, dating back to its 2K football franchise. EA Sports eventually signed a deal with the NFL that gave it exclusive access to the league’s players and teams and that kicked 2K out of pro (foot)ball.

But 2K bounced back by really innovating its pro basketball game. We believe that last year’s 2K11 basketball game, which introduced the great Michael Jordan to scores of people who had the audacity to think that Kobe or LeBron was the game’s best ever. The new NBA 2K12 uses a similar formula, reaching  back to bring back more greats like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. The game looks better, plays much harder and is again a solid candidate not just for sports title of the year, but game of the year as well.

We haven’t gotten our hands on the PlayStation and Xbox versions (we’re waiting 2K), but we did give the iPad version ($4.99) a shot and were stuck by how good it looked. We only wished we had Apple TV to “flick” the picture from the tablet to the flat screen.

With that said, we turned this review over to the 11-year-old Critic who will from time to time give you a kid’s perspective on games, since many of these games are aimed at his demographic.

This game is very similar to the console video game. It has many of the same features and has pretty good graphics for an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch game. 2K Sports has made the iPad game almost the console version. That surprised me.

The quick game mode on the game is very good. Players look somewhat realistic. The scores are very realistic unlike other games where you can blow out the CPU.

The players have the ability that they have in the real video game and in real life. The shots look like they do in real life. The arenas look like the very nice for an app store game. The announcers on the game talk like you have courtside seats to a NBA Finals Game 1.

They are really cool.

The game is very fun to play if you know how to play it and it can also be frustrating. The quick game is the best mode on the game. The controls are very easy to use. There are two different kinds: Classic and 1-Finger. I prefer 1 finger because there are actually controls. For Classic you have to move the person around and hold him to shoot.

This game also has the Jordan Challenges. There are the exact same as the NBA 2K11. You must do what the challenge says. The only difference is that you don’t earn digital shoes. The Jordan Challenges do not have the same level of excitement as the actual game does on the console versions, though.

Season and playoff mode are just like Association without all the info that the game has.

This game is the best 5 on 5 basketball game on the app store. The only game to me that is better if you don’t want to play 5 on 5 is NBA Jam. I advise you if you don’t have NBA 2K12 for Xbox 360 or PS3 and you have an Apple device you should get it. I give this game a 4.9 out of 5 star rating.

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