New ad from Samsung takes on iPhone, but does it work?

Samsung’s new TV ad makes no bones about targeting Apple’s new iPhone 4S. We’re treated to a view of one of those typically long iPhone lines on what appears to be launch day outside a typical Apple Store.

In the ad, people wonder why the design of the iPhone 4S hasn’t changed, they wonder how they will tell the difference between the 4 and the 4S–and then they notice someone using something altogether different: the Samsung Galaxy S II. The ad then touts the Galaxy’s larger screen and 4G capability.

The ad is effective at getting its message across, but in doing so it also highlights that Samsung is a distant second to Apple in public consciousness and sales. The spot depicts hundreds of people using older iPhones and wanting new ones even as they are depicted as overly cutting edge and mockingly “creative.”

It also suggests Sammies are easier to get than iPhones, if only because fewer people want them.

As ads go, it’s a well done piece, something that you may have seen from Apple during the Mac vs. PC ad wars. But ultimately, we don’t think it’s a great idea to advertise your competition, and anyone who watches it will get a hefty dose of iPhone. It speaks to Apple’s marketing and mindshare that Samsung makes no bones about who it’s going after here and how quickly you realize it. And that’s before we are treated to a side-by-side shot of the product Samsung wants you to forget about, juxtaposed beside Samsung’s own product.

But all this also means that Samsung has hit its mark. The ad appeals to those who see themselves as separate from the pack, not following the herd. It is those buyers have ensured Android phones as a whole continue to best iPhone in overall sales. Can they help Samsung overtake the iPhone? What we do know is the Galaxy S II is a serious contender and they have no problem saying so.LIC460 Набор ЗИП для масок дайв серииseo company usqx3 neoтехнология укладки фанерыjessie jane analручная работаdvd дискиGSM-камераколесо магазин