New iPods, iPod Touches, iPhone 5 expected to be announced by Apple today

Apple is expected to announce a slew of new products at a major product announcement at 1 p.m. EST today.

Chief among these is a taller iPhone 5, which is expected to measure 4 inches tall, up from 3.5. In addition to the phone, Apple is expected to announce a new iPod Touch that will have the same dimensions as iPhone 5, perhaps with GPS built-in to take advantage of Apple’s new Maps feature.

The new phone is expected to work with 4G LTE networks from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. The phone isn’t expected to go to T-Mobile, which will launch a promotion today designed to lure AT&T iPhone customers to use their phones on T-Mobile’s network.

Apple also is expected to launch a new, near 8-inch iPad Mini, which is much smaller than the current 9.7-inch model. That announcement is expected next month.

Stay tuned to today for news from today’s announcement.

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