The “King” is out at Burger King

Was a little surprised to hear the news today that Burger King is retiring its longtime “King” mascot. You know, the dude with the big plastic oversized head. Burger King is facing slumping sales — revenue was down 2.5 percent last year — and is going to start marketing fresh food, like the upcoming California

Best Buy to offer free Samsung tablets with TV purchases

In another sign of struggling non-iPad U.S. tablet sales, Best Buy has announced a new promotion where consumers can get a free Galaxy 10.1 tablet with the purchase of Samsung TVs. The free tablet is the 16 gigabyte version. The WiFi tablet normally goes for $500. The sale begins Sunday. The Best Buy release reads:

RIM to bring a music service to BlackBerry?

CNET reports that Research In Motion is in serious talks with music companies to bring a music service to its heretofore business class BlackBerry. The news outlet reports that RIM has signed with at least one company and is close with two others and that a beta version of the new music service is just

Clubface Golf Trainer can benefit beginners and stop slicing

One of the toughest things to do when you’re learning the game of golf is stop swinging so hard and to stop slicing the ball (making it curve from left to right violently). One of the culprits, often times, besides throwing your shoulder at the ball and swinging “over the top” is a misaligned club

Videogame sales plummet in summer

NPD Group, a research arm that tracks the videogame industry, delivered some bad news to the once burgeoning videogame industry. In July retail dropped 26 percent compared to a year ago. In June, sales were down 10 percent compared to the previous June. The sliver of good news: digital sales including rentals, online games and

AT&T smashes cheapest text plan

We are weeks away from Apple’s new iPhone 5 release and with it, a new way of messaging between iDevices that will not use any text services. So it’s a touch curious that A&T picked Sunday as the day to get rid of its cheapest text plan, the $10-a-month version, which allowed for 1,000 monthly

College football asks “What Recession”?

Apparently, college football fans aren’t feeling the economy’s pinch (or a whole lot of people are buying tickets with student vouchers). According to the Yahoo Sports PostGame, the prices for the most expensive college football tickets are quite astounding. The Oct. 8 Ohio State at Nebraska game will set you back an average of $463.

TaylorMade releases “all terrain” golf shoe

TaylorMade Golf releases new technology faster than most any company around. And while that may not make the golf shops happy, it’s great for the consumer, and the company’s latest shoe intro could be more of the same. The company is calling its new Tour360 ATV (all-terrain versatility) — in typical marketing speak — it’s

Android users: Apps > Mobile Web

A new Nielsen study shows that users of Android-powered cell phones prefer mobile applications (apps) over using the mobile web by a more than 2-to-1 margin. That’s not surprising. Until everyone is using 4G networks, with their often-better-than-my-living-room-WiFi-speed, mobile apps just perform better, and they take less time to get into. You open the phone

iPhone 5 is coming in October

According to Boy Genius Report, a source claims a high-level AT&T VP has just spilled the beans on the next iPhone, and — surprise — it matches up with all the rumors we’ve been hearing. The new iPhone will launch in early October. According to BGR, the VP told a group of managers to get