Pioneer unveils USB powered laptop speakers for better sound

Hate that tinny sound coming from your laptop speakers?

Pioneer Electronics hopes to have a solution for you with its new S-MM201 USB-powered computer speakers. The manufacturer claims they deliver much fuller sound than built in laptop speakers. Customers can plug the speakers in via a USB port with no power outlet needed.

Here is the press release

Pioneer  Electronics  (USA)  Inc. continues to offer better audio solutions for  laptop  computers with the release of the S-MM201 USB-powered computer speakers.   The speakers deliver better performance and a much fuller sound experience  than  built-in laptop speakers, all from a compact package that
is  easily  transportable  and can be quickly connected via USB and without the  need  for  AC  power.   The  S-MM201  offers  a built-in audio DAC and bass-reflex enclosure designed to enhance bass frequencies.

“The  integrated  speakers  in most laptop computers are often too small to properly  provide  the  full sound experience and volume people desire when listening  to  music,  videos  or  movies  on  their computers,” said Chris Walker, director AV marketing and product planning for the Home Electronics
Division  of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “With the S-MM201, you can have an  enhanced listening experience virtually anywhere because it can deliver more  audio  output,  especially  in the lower and mid frequencies, and all without the need to plug them into the wall for power.”

Shaped  like  small  cubes with angled tops, the S-MM201 features 45mm full range  drivers  with  control  buttons for volume up, volume down and mute. The  model  utilizes a bass-reflex enclosure with a small port in front for
increased  bass  reproduction.  For added cosmetic appeal, the speakers are designed   with  see-through  bottom  casings  and  blue  LED  lights  that illuminate  when  in  use.  The  speakers  are connected and powered via an included  USB  cable  and  uses  built-in audio DACs to provide great sound quality.   The speakers stand at 4 inches tall and weigh only 23 ounces for
easy  transportability.   The  S-MM201  computer  speakers are available in black or white for a suggested retail price of $59.95.

Pioneer’s  Home Electronics Division develops award-winning audio and video home  theater  products  including  A/V  receivers,  Blu-ray  Disc® and DVD players,  and  speakers.  The company’s brands include Pioneer® and Elite®.

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