Republicans, like Democrats, want President Obama to settle AT&T-T-Mobile mess

A week ago, a group of 15 House Democrats asked President Obama to stop the DOJ’s lawsuit against AT&T and allow the T-Mobile buyout to go through.

Tuesday, a group of 100 House Republicans, led by Texas’ Pete Olson, also sent a letter to the President, expressing their disapproval of the DOJ’s lawsuit.

The Justice Department filed suit Aug. 31 to block the merger, on grounds that it would limit competition in the wireless industry. AT&T is the No. 2 wireless company currently, behind Verizon. Sprint is third and T-Mobile is fourth.

AT&T argues that the merger will allow it to cover 97 percent of the U.S. population and bring back 5,000 T-Mobile call-center positions.

“As House Republicans, we have both called for and supported your efforts to require federal agencies to adhere to rigorous cost-benefit analyses before adopting rules and to eliminate job-killing regulations,” Olson wrote in the letter, signed by 100 colleagues. “That is why we are so concerned that, during the same month that you announced these initiatives, the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit to block the AT&T/T-Mobile merger. This action by your administration will thwart job creation and economic growth and undermine your own efforts to achieve our shared goal.”

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