RokLock iPad case brings some serious protection — and functionality, too

If you want a very protective iPad case, it’s worth looking into the RokLock iPad case ($69.99).

It’s simple to install. You slide in one piece and another piece over top. There are these things called “friction latches” that help the thing stay closed (don’t worry it works). And once you have it on, you can easily get to the camera, microphone jack and the speaker section is raised so the sound is muffled as some cases can do. There’s also a screen protector included. And with all this protection, why not slide, er, stick that puppy on, too?

This is a thick case and would be a choice for someone who carries the iPad around all day. On the back sit six rubber feet, so the iPad won’t slide down and crash to the ground if you laid it, say, on a desk, and raised up one end. Or at least it wouldn’t slide down as easily.

The big feature here, though, is the Roklock, a mounting plate that you can put on any flat surface. The plate attaches with this stuff that’s stronger than  super glue and won’t come off easily from whatever you attach it to.

For us, we made a flat screen mount for a 11-inch “TV” in the workout room. It worked great. Just like that, we could watch TV via the Time Warner Cable app on iPad while we worked out and we saved, say, $250 bucks on the cheap TV from Wal-Mart we’d been eyeing for the same purpose. Plus we didn’t have to buy a real wall mount.

Better, the case optionally comes with some very powerful magnets that you can install and instantly mount the iPad on, say, a refrigerator. So now we had a new flat screen in the basement and another in the kitchen without spending any extra money. The Maglok magnets are an additional $29.

This isn’t the case for you if you want to do a lot typing and propping up the iPad. But it does what it does very well and gives you quite a bit of peace of mind when taking the iPad out on the road or even letting young people use it.

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