Samsung bests Apple in 3rd quarter smartphone sales

The Wall Street Journal reports Samsung sold more than 20 million smartphones in the quarter ending September.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone
That would beat Apple, which reported selling just over 17 million iPhones for the quarter. If WSJ’s source is correct, this would mean Samsung’s Galaxy S II is selling especially well. The Galaxy is Samsung’s most popular smartphone.

Samsung reported this week that it had sold more than 30 million Galaxy series phones since the phone debuted in 2010, stating that the original Galaxy S sold 20 million.

So if Samsung has sold 30 million Galaxy S series and other smartphones since 2010, but 20 million in the last quarter, Apple may finally have a true competitor. Of course, the companies are locked in multiple patent wars right now too, each saying the other is poaching its proprietary technology.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said iPhone 4 sales were supressed in September due to the then-pending iPhone 4S launch, though Samsung was rumored to be launching a new version of its Galaxy phone as well.

Samsung did benefit from selling its phone at more vendors than Apple, however. In the United States for example, Galaxy phones are available at all four major wireless providers. The iPhone, until last week, was only at two of the four. It now available at Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, excluding only T-Mobile.духи woodкупить лучший видеорегистраторперегон автомобилей вакансииContiIceContact 2посуда люминарк купить в спбснять комнату в общежитиитехника оборудование для сададоставка шинзаключение кэк