Serf Wars video game hits Facebook

Serf Wars videogame is free on FacebookMeteor Games has just released “Serf Wars” for Facebook. It’s free to play and is one of those “story-adventure” titles popular on the Mark Zuckerberg service.

In this one, your uncle has left you in a small medieval village that’s falling apart. The population is declining and the peasants who are left behind cannot move to better lands and are revolting. Your mission? Revive your uncle’s rotting town and protect it from attack.

There are lots of mini-games to help you train and earn valuable items for battle. As you move through Serf Wars, you’ll unlock more mini-games and combat locations that will help you battle dwarfs, soldiers and living skeletons. If you like, you can even spar with your neighbors or build farms and houses to tax the community to earn cash–but as you grow in stature, you have to make sure to take care of the natives. Otherwise, they may revolt against you.

Some by-the-numbers info from the game maker:

  • 45 story-driven combat missions (with 40-50 more on the way)
  • 33 types of combat units the player can recruit (11 of these are hero units)
  • 30 types of enemy units to fight
  • 41 battleground environments
  • 25 starter quests
  • Robust crafting system, with 44 crafting ingredients and 115 craftable items / recipes
  • 30 artisan units
  • 72 total buildings, 17 of which have 5 upgrade-stages (11 combat locations, 6 crafting locations)
  • 78 total decorations
  • 60 new achievements coming
  • 9 arcade-style minigames

About Meteor Games:
Meteor Games is an independent online gaming studio dedicated to the development of richer, more engaging content for social gamers. Meteor operates some of Facebook’s most popular social games including the hit, Island Paradise, and is committed to developing fun, immersive, and innovative games spanning the web, social networks, and mobile devices. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, Meteor Games was founded in 2007 by the creators of Neopets, an Internet phenomenon and watershed in the evolution of social gaming. For more information, visit

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