Sling nearing release of Honeycomb tablet Slingbox app

Sling Player is one of the coolest things out in tech. By connecting Sling to your home network and your cable or satellite box, you can watch your TV, pretty seamlessly, on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Sling today released a YouTube video showing off its soon-to-be-released new Android app for tablets running Honeycomb. For the first time, the company said, it’s added a remote on screen to the tablet app that mimics — in look and useability — the actual remote your normally hold in your hand.

The Sling video in the demo looks good, and having used the product via iDevices, the picture quality, including HD, is pretty good and not nearly as laggy as you might expect, even over AT&T 3G. You can even resize or drag the remote and use it to easily change the channel, or see the exact same program guide you would see at home.

The app will be $29.99 at launch.

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