Sneak peek inside Apple’s inventory reveals new iPhone 4 & iPod Touch

Apple's iPod Touch
Apple's iPod Touch may be offered in white for 2011/2012

As Apple’s big news soiree nears, the news leaks continue to come hot and heavy.

The latest from tech blog 9to5Mac, claims that three new iPod Touch models have hit Apple’s inventory with codename N81A. The black iPod touch was N81, so it’s safe to assume these are likely the expected white iPod Touches in the 8 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB storage models we’re used to seeing.

The blog also reports a new iPhone SKU, N90A, and is marked as a slightly redone iPhone 4. Perhaps this is the iPhone 4S with a 8 gig storage on board as has been heavily rumored. A lot of experts are now saying Apple will only release one iPhone since its press invite had a “1” over the phone icon (seriously).

This seems to run counter to that thinking, if you accept that a next-gen phone with new hardware would not been a revision of an older model N90 to N90A. Also an iPhone codename of N94 has also show up.

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