Source: Details on the Nexus Prime phone for Verizon emerge

Lots of news and rumors about whatever the new iPhone(s) that Apple bequeaths upon us next month, but the Verizon’s industry watching site VzBuzz delivers a piece, via a third party source, that the highly anticipated Nexus Android phone will go the name of Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.

That’s why Verizon passed on the Galaxy S II because it got an exclusive for this phone.

The news comes with a warning about the source, which isn’t a particularly strong or particularly credible one, but the source claims a Samsung rep showed him the Nexus Prime, sporting the new Android OS called Ice Cream Sandwich.

The rep claims the Galaxy Newus looks like an Epic 4G Touch with a curved display. The screen is a huge 4.65 inch 1280×720 Super AMOLED plus. It has a 1.5 gigahertz dual-core processor, 16 gigs of storage, 1 gig of ram, a huge battery and the new OS. The phone is made of metal and not Samsung’s all-too-frequent black plastic

If those specs are true, this will be one meaty phone.

The rep offered details on the new OS, too, claiming it was a major facelift over Gingerbread. It’s smoother, with fast animations and different sections in the app drawer and a preview mode for widgets (kind of Windows Metro UI like).liquid image ego hd cameraэкшн камера sonygo pro hero whiteTunga Tunga C-140Няни сиделкиКормлениеmalaria prevention medication side effectsвидеоняня motorola mbp 36 отзывыформа у 086