Surveys Say: Great news for Samsung, Apple’s iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smartphone
Serious sales figures for the new Apple iPhone 4S haven’t hit the market yet, but some recent survey news looks very good for Apple. And Samsung, too.

And what’s interesting is this comes from the third quarter results, when iPhone sales had to be a little distressed as many people knew some new iPhone was coming and at least some potential buyers probably put off a purchase:

First up, comScore released results of U.S. mobile phone usage survey of more than 30,000 users. Samsung — about to release its flagship Nexus phone (above right) was the top manufacturer with a 25.3 percent market share. Android had 44.8 percent market share (yes, nearly half the phones in use are rocking Android). Apple had a 27.4 percent market share. And nearly 235 million Americans 13 or over are using mobile devices. So these are not insignificant numbers.

For Apple, despite having a much smaller phone portfolio than its competitors, it reached the rare 10 percent market share in quarter 3, despite having a top phone, the iPhone 4, which was well over a year old. That was up 1.3 percent.

Wonder what these numbers might look like next time, after the iPhone 4S release.

A study from Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley also showed that while making up just 4.2 percent of third quarter mobile phone shipments, Apple still made a lot of money. According to Walkley, among the top eight cell phone vendors in the world, Apple accounted for 52 percent of the total operating revenue. That was down five percent from the second quarter, but not bad for a company with no new product battling other companies who are offering lots of new products almost every week.

Samsung’s profits were up to 29 percent of all the top eight vendors. That was up 18 percent from Quarter 2. So Apple and Sammy are raking in 81 percent of the profit.

That’s an awful lot of Galaxies (and other Sammies) and iPhones in the free world.

RIM dropped to seven percent, down from 11. Nokia dropped from seven percent to four.

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