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The name’s Pie, Android Pie

The wait is over. The P stands for Pie, Android Pie. Yep, Google’s new operating system is called Pie, or as Google will tell you, Android 9. The systems latest features concentrate on battery life and tech addiction. That’s right, tech addiction. Google (and Apple) want us to believe the company doesn’t always want you

Blu Vivo Air apes Apple style, offers Android performance

Apple, Samsung and a few other manufacturers seem to have the cell phone game locked down. Yet, there are a handful of companies that have challenged all of the high-priced, must-have phones with low-cost phones which do the same for less. Ok, maybe not exactly the same, but close. Isn’t the main function of a

Is the Apple “Era” Over?

In today’s USA Today, columnist Michael Wolff takes a detached look at the fortunes of Apple. We offer our own look, if a bit sarcastic one, here. Wolff notes that what he calls the “Age of Apple” began just seven years ago when its stock price was $35. And like many pundits he notes a

I want you iPhone, but it’s not lust, just like

OK, the iPhone 5 is out and the universe is still working as it did before the release of Apple’s cash cow. Jeeeez. It’s not that I don’t like Apple, I do. I’m a diehard Apple user. I’ve owned three of its computers, including the laptop on which I’m typing. I’ve only needed three because

Samsung Galaxy SIII is one of best smartphones ever, period.

When I pulled the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone out of the box recently, I immediately noticed two things: 1. It was packed in there really well, with no wasted space. A little like Apple handles its iPhones and iPads. 2. It was gorgeous, thin and, well, very large. The Sammy Galaxy S3 or SIII is

Amazon launches “GameCircle,” plans possible 4 or 5 inch smart phone

Amazon announced its getting serious about mobile gaming today with the launch of GameCircle, which will allow gamers using Kindle Fire and Amazon services on the computer to track high game scores, invite others to play and track achievements. Another feature of GameCircle will be “Sync,” which will automatically save a players’ in-game progress to