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Apple updates MacBook Air and MacBook Pro line

Apple saved the big news for its computer line for its new MacBook Pro 15-inch model with a “Retina” display, but it saved a little something for its existing products. The MacBook Air got faster graphics and storage that is twice as fast as the previous gen, and the current 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros

Apple introduces newest iPad and new Apple TV

Tim Cook, new Apple head man, said the company has sold 315 million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices through “last year and 62 million in quarter 4 2011.” Those are staggering numbers. And the company seems poised to continue its amazing sales with the introduction of its latest iPad, which Apple execs called “the

Report: Apple TV to launch summer 2012

After months and months of rumors, and Steve Jobs even saying in his autobiography that he’d cracked making TV better, reports are beginning to come fast and furious about an Apple branded TV. One of the strongest comes from DigiTimes, which reports via industry sources that Apple has already begun to lower prices for its

Apple TV with Siri is coming in 2013

The New York Times reports today that Apple will finally release the long-awaited Apple-branded television in 2013. Apple TV–or iTV, as we think it’ll be called–will feature the Siri-based voice functionality that has been a big hit on the new iPhone 4S. In his new autobiography, the late Steve Jobs told biographer Walter Isaacson that