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CDs leaving Best Buy, maybe Target could signal end of era

Big box retail chain Best Buy plans to stop selling music compact discs, or CDs, in its stores by July 1, while Target may sell them only on a consignment basis. Industry rumors have Walmart following soon. Could this spell the end to the more than three-decade old format that revolutionized music into a digital

Best Buy memo targets iPhone 5 for sale first week October

Thanks to Boy Genius Report, an internal memo from Best Buy is making the rounds, showing the store is anticipating release of iPhone 5 the first week in October. The well-respected tech blog says it got the document from a Best Buy source and according to the source pre-orders for the Apple device will begin

Best Buy offers free iPhone 3GS with contract

On Monday, Aug 22, Best Buy ran its one day promotion to get a free iPhone 3GS with a two-year contract. With the iPhone 4 past its expiration date and an iPhone 5 on the way, that seems a dicey purchase, but a free iPhone 3GS is still better than most any other free with

Best Buy to offer free Samsung tablets with TV purchases

In another sign of struggling non-iPad U.S. tablet sales, Best Buy has announced a new promotion where consumers can get a free Galaxy 10.1 tablet with the purchase of Samsung TVs. The free tablet is the 16 gigabyte version. The WiFi tablet normally goes for $500. The sale begins Sunday. The Best Buy release reads: