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I want you iPhone, but it’s not lust, just like

OK, the iPhone 5 is out and the universe is still working as it did before the release of Apple’s cash cow. Jeeeez. It’s not that I don’t like Apple, I do. I’m a diehard Apple user. I’ve owned three of its computers, including the laptop on which I’m typing. I’ve only needed three because

Give up my busted BlackBerry for a snazzy new iPhone 4S? Eh, maybe

So I’m sitting here eyeing my dilapidated BlackBerry 8900, contemplating the future. I already have several Apple products so an iPhone is the next logical leap. Everyone else seems to be doing some version of the iPhone these days–or the Droid, in lesser but no less passionate number. Yet I am immune to the siren

BlackBerry services restored, RIM founder apologizes (VIDEO)

BlackBerry services have finally been restored after several days of outages throughout the world. Research In Motion founder Mike Lazaridis, whose company makes the popular brand of smartphones, apologized for the system failure in a news conference Thursday afternoon. Lazaridis said it was the first outage in 18 months and the largest his company had

BlackBerry service issues growing worldwide, spread to U.S.

On its third day of a mass BlackBerry outages that seem only to be getting worse, Canada-based Blackberry manufacturer Research In Motion is trying to fix what it calls a “core switch failure” in its private network. Since Monday, Blackberry users in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America have experienced spotty text, data

T-Mobile announces BlackBerry Curve 9360

T-Mobile may or may not be getting a certain device from a group in Cupertino, CA, but smartphone fans at the network are getting the new BlackBerry Curve 9360. It comes in black or merlot and runs the new BlackBerry 7 operating system with the Webkit browser. It’s got a 2.4 inch screen, a full

RIM to bring a music service to BlackBerry?

CNET reports that Research In Motion is in serious talks with music companies to bring a music service to its heretofore business class BlackBerry. The news outlet reports that RIM has signed with at least one company and is close with two others and that a beta version of the new music service is just