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[ 30 May 2017 | Comments Off on Lincoln’s Black Label fits new Continental very, very nicely ]

I was almost afraid to write my review on Ford Motor Company’s new Lincoln Continental. Will my readers believe me when I say I like this car as much as I liked the 5-Series BMW I drove a few weeks ago? That’s not possible, is it?
Think about that. A Lincoln, which was known for riding like a cruise ship instead of handling like a cruise missile, is now as good as luxury sedans that have …

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[ 30 Nov 2011 | 34 Comments ]

Las Vegas — Lexus has been working hard to revamp its image as a manufacturer of appliances and not desirable automobiles.
Sure, the company’s cars are virtually bulletproof and have great resale value, but where is the soul? Where is the passion other than the pursuit of perfection? I’m not asking these questions, mind you. I like the brand just fine, but most enthusiasts feel spunk needs to be injected.
That spunk came last year with the …