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CT6 drives you to your next stop. No, seriously.

It’s been a while since Cadillac was on my list of luxury cars to own. There have been a few things that I really liked such as the CTS and the glorious CTS-V station wagon, but mostly, the brand was an afterthought. Now there’s this CT6 that just got my full attention. Yes, Caddy’s full-size

CTS-V Kicks Caddy In Gear

Cadillac is an amazing company. It has transformed itself from a stodgy, luxury-leaning brand into something fresh and wonderful. This 2016 Cadillac CTS-V sedan is something special – and I mean really special. It looks good, it drives well and it has very few things that wrong. Let me start with the good stuff. Look

IS350 F-Sport shows Lexus has lots of life

A few years ago I thought Lexus had lost its mojo. It always built cars that were great value in the luxury field as well as those which you could drive the wheels off, buy new tires and drive for another dozen years or so. Yet, the SC 300 was the last true sexy thing

Chevy Tahoe still useful in crossover world

For those who love Cadillac’s blinged-out Escalade but hate the steep price may I turn your attention to the Chevrolet Tahoe, the basis for Caddy’s beast. The Tahoe is the same size as the Escalade with the same towing capacity but loses many of the Caddy’s amenities. That’s not totally bad because you can equip

2013 Escalade offers luxury; new model prepped

I didn’t know Cadillac still made an Escalade so imagine my delight when rolled up for review at alldaytech.com. Yes, the Escalade was once the luxury item to have. Athletes, actors, rappers and anyone who wanted to be seen as chic drove an Escalade. It wasn’t the first, but it eventually snatched the premium SUV

Caddy’s ATS is one special sports sedan

Well, well, what’s this? Cadillac makes a serious push into the luxury compact sedan segment. Yes, that’s right. If you haven’t heard, the ATS is the real deal. It’s done so right that Audi, BMW Lexus and Infiniti need to take notice. The ATS is so strong it was voted automobile of the year at

Cadillac CTS-V wagon worthy of sport reference

  Is there a need for a 556 horsepower, supercharged V8 station wagon that starts at $63,215? Of course not. Am I glad Cadillac makes such a vehicle? Hail yeah! The fact that any car manufacturer has the nerve to do this is refreshing. That Cadillac, as American as you can get company, does it