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Subaru Ascent climbs into crowded field

That crowded SUV field I’m always talking about just got another player. Meet the Subaru Ascent, the company’s latest attempt at a seven seat vehicle. Subaru has done this before, you ask? Yep. That was the Tribeca, a kinda odd but competent vehicle that was kinda midsized. Subaru produced it for eight years but didn’t

Chevy Tahoe still useful in crossover world

For those who love Cadillac’s blinged-out Escalade but hate the steep price may I turn your attention to the Chevrolet Tahoe, the basis for Caddy’s beast. The Tahoe is the same size as the Escalade with the same towing capacity but loses many of the Caddy’s amenities. That’s not totally bad because you can equip

Early Chevy Sonics brake pads missing? Could be

You may find this as hard to believe as I, but some of the first Chevy Sonics built may be missing brake pads. Yes, and the people who own them may not know they are missing. Really? According to the Associated Press, The Car Connection and a slew of others, General Motors is taking a

Cruze Proves To Be Happy Ride For Chevy

Hybrids are the hot thing in the auto industry but they are not so quietly being upstaged by a group of gas-powered compacts that get great mileage at cheaper prices. Chevrolet enters the fray with the Cruze, a compact with near midsize accommodations and hybrid-like fuel economy. Well, at least according to Chevy. The Cruze