Why AT&T’s DirecTV Now may change how you watch TV tomorrow

It’s been a pretty good week for AT&T.

Over the weekend, the company announced its proposed $85 billion purchase of Time Warner, adding a portfolio of media offerings to its portfolio, like HBO, TNT and Cartoon Network.

Tuesday morning, AT&T announced DirecTV Now, which will stream more than 100 live channels for $35 per month beginning in November.

Now what are you paying for cable/satellite right now? It’s probably more than $35, right?

DirecTV now will be available on all of your mobile devices and if you are an AT&T customer, the data used with the service won’t count against you. The channel lineup wasn’t announced but you can expect all the Time Warner stuff plus NBC/Universal, Fox, Disney and other familiar channels.

And this immediately becomes the best deal in streaming. PlayStation Vue has 100 channels for $54.99 and Sling TV will give you more than 25 channels for $20 (but some associated, um, difficulty with watching them sometimes). Two other competitors, Hulu and YouTube, are also planning streaming services, but have yet to announce pricing.

DirecT’s current streaming service is very good and now its get HBO’s even better streaming service — and streaming know-how — on top of that. Company president Randall Stephenson said AT&T was able to keep the price low because it doesn’t have to negotiate content deals with Time Warner properties and it doesn’t have to worry about hardware costs, like satellites, with the deal.

Even more interesting? Stephenson said AT&T expects this to be the way the majority of its customers get TV within four years, forgoing DirecTV satellite service or traditional cable. And he said AT&T’s upcoming 5G cellular network could one day eliminate the need for cable.

The guess here is that DirecTV Now will hit Google’s Chomecast, Amazon’s FireStick and Apple TV as an app. And let’s say it does and you have Netflix plus this service and you can now kill HBO streaming. You can get a lot of what you need for less than $50.

TV, folks, is about to get a whole lot more interesting.







DirecTV to offer free NFL Sunday Ticket preview

The NFL officially kicks off the season Sunday, Sept. 9, with a full slate of games and DirecTV viewers will get a chance to look at all of them.

DirecTV will offer a one-week preview of its popular NFL Sunday Ticket package which offers a chance to see all broadcasts show on Fox and CBS for the day (blackout restrictions apply; hear us Jacksonville?).

DirecTV sells the package for $199 this season, down at least $100 from recent years. Customers can pay in five installments of $39.99. Customers can also opt for NFL Sunday Ticket MAX which delivers content to mobile devices (data charges apply). The Maxx package is $299 or five payments of $59.99 for current customers.

DirecTV is including Sunday Ticket for new subscribers.


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DirecTV iPad app is great but adds a bonus: it’s storm proof

Now, one of our favorite iPad apps is the DirecTV one, which lets you watch a fair selection of channels live as well as control your television programming with an interface that’s simply better than the old white remote ever was. Of course, you have to be on your home WiFi network to watch live.

Quips? You can’t see all channels you subscribe to (no ESPN) and you can’t watch recorded content from your DVRs.

But we recently discovered a bonus to the DirecTV iPad app: it’s storm proof.

Right in the middle of one of the all-too-frequent thunderstorms in otherwise beautiful Charlotte, the DirecTV goes out. We’re watching Celtics-76ers Game 3, and really enjoying the game, when the signal goes poof.

Of course, if you have satellite, you probably know about rain fade, as they call it. On a whim, we fire up the DirecTV iPad app and voila, the game is on crystal clear, no fade. All we need now is an Apple TV to “flick” the feed to the big screen.

Guess Steve Jobs’ family is gonna get some more of our hard-earned cash tomorrow.


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DirecTV to bring expanded Masters’ Coverage starting Thursday

DirecTV constantly pushes through some neat innovations and its new DirecTV Anywhere iPad app is pretty sweet, too (though we’d like to be able to see live TV). DTV Anywhere allows iPad users who are DirecTV subscribers to see some TV content on their iPad, via WiFi or 4G or 3G or LTE cellular networks.

One of the older innovations is expanded Masters’ Tournament coverage and the satellite company is again delivering beginning Thursday.

Fans can follow a featured group (think Tiger Woods, think Phil Mickelson, think Rory McIlroy) as well as coverage of certain holes and much more. Best of all, it’s all in glorious HD. And it’s free.

Here’s the press release.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., March  28, 2012 – DIRECTV swings into another season of expanded, interactive golf coverage April 5-8 with the 2012 Masters Tournament, offering fans a unique, in-depth viewing experience that is the next best thing to a patron badge at golf’s most prestigious event.

Combining CBS Sports’ and ESPN’s live HD coverage of the Tournament, DIRECTV’s “Masters Mosaic” interactive TV application and six-channel Masters Mix will immerse fans in the atmosphere of the fabled Augusta National Golf Club, allowing them to more closely follow the world’s best golfers as they vie for the coveted Green Jacket.

The Masters Mix Channel, available only on DIRECTV, offers fans six views of the Tournament: the main CBS Sports/ESPN feed; two Featured Group channels; Amen Corner; holes 15 and 16; and “Masters in Depth,” along with a continuously running leader board featuring live tee times, scoring and leaders’ locations on the course. Each extra channel of coverage is fully produced with its own announcers.
Viewers will also have access to the following interactive menu of features 24 hours a day throughout the tournament on any of the six Masters channels:
·         Top Five Leaders – displays the top five current scores against par.

·         Leader Board – provides information on all the golfers in the field including players’ hole-by-hole stats through the Scorecard feature, displaying greens hit in regulation, driving distance, putting average for each player in the field, and will include current and previous rounds. And a new customizable leader board lets fans select their favorite player and place them on top of the board to more easily track their scores.

·         Highlights – allows viewers on-demand access to the previous round’s highlights as well as five golfer-specific highlight packages focusing on the top two leaders and three notable players in each round.

·         Course Tour – provides fans with a birds-eye video of each hole.

·         Masters Quiz – challenges fans with 10 questions, refreshed daily, about the history of the Masters and Augusta National, and the day’s action on course.

“We’re thrilled to continue our association with the Masters Tournament, CBS Sports and ESPN to create another spectacular viewing experience for golf fans,” said Tony Goncalves, senior vice president, Product Management, DIRECTV.  “The Masters Mosaic offers fans who love the game a whole new way to watch the Tournament and feel the aura of Augusta, and it’s only on DIRECTV.”

DIRECTV’s Tournament coverage will also include the 2012 Masters Preview Show premiering April 2 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET on its exclusive Audience Network. CBS Sports announcer Ian Baker Finch talks with the world’s No. 1-ranked player Luke Donald, who offers exclusive insights on the 2012 Masters Tournament – only on DIRECTV.  The 2011 Masters Official Review Show will also premiere on the Audience Network on April 2 from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. ET.  All video highlights and a course tour will be available on DIRECTV On Demand.  DIRECTV will also air 3D coverage of the Tournament on ESPN 3D (Channel 106).  For details on all Tournament coverage visit www.directv.com/masters.

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DirecTV shows off cool new UI for its HD customers

DirecTV logoComing soon, DirecTV is going to unleash what looks like a pretty cool new user interface (UI) for its customers.

No release date yet, but this new look reminds us of the really cool DirecTV iPad app. That app could only be made better if you could stream DTV content — within your home — on the tablet.

Scrolling is much faster. Channel surfing is much faster. When you look at programs, you see boxcovers, almost like what you get on, say Apple TV. Don’t believe us? Just see the video below for yourself.

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DirecTV launches Nomad TV service

DirecTV NomadDirecTV’s long-awaited Nomad TV service has launched today.  It’s not a streaming service like Slingbox, so you can’t watch live DirecTV content, but Nomad will allow you to watch anything that’s recorded on your DVR on up to five connected mobile or PC devices. On its website, DirecTV lists the cost of the device at $149. There’s also a monthly fee of $5 to use the service.

With most cellular providers except Sprint removing unlimited data DirecTV feels that it’s method of delivering content to your devices over the home network will be a better solution than SlingBox, which uses data and also needs an internet connection to stream content. Nomad uses no data since the content is loaded into your device’s hard drive, very Apple-like. That’s fine by us, but we would like to see DirecTV allow streaming of its live content, via the home network WiFi, as well.

As it is, Nomad lets customers watch recorded shows and movies from their HD DVRs on their cell phones, laptops or tablet computers. It can automatically make new shows available to view on your devices as soon as the DVR records them and it is compatible with PC, iPhone and iPod Touch. The iPhone version will work on iPad. DirecTV says Mac, Android and iPad-optimized version is launching soon.

To use Nomad, your DirecTV DVR must be connected to the internet with the Nomad unit plugged into your router via an ethernet cable. Mobile users will also need to download the DirecTV Nomad app. Shows will take about an hour to download and apparently can only be transferred to your device over your home network. After you get them downloaded, you can play the shows anywhere for up to 30 days from the time you moved them over.купить авто регистраторраскрутка сайта в интернете ценапродвижение рекламы в интернетевыбрать фонариккупить недвижимость за рубежомсковорода блинная чугуннаяТент от солнца Subaru для автосправка на физкультурупоисковые команды google