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Acura TSX sporty, sips fuel and looks good

The choices for those who want or need to use less fuel but maintain a semblance of sporty nature in driving keep coming. The Acura TSX has been around for a few years but a recent updating has made it a tad more appealing. I liked the first, but I’m liking the second version better.

Kia’s Sorento becoming first choice for shoppers

Kia’s Sorento is building a reputation as a great alternative to better-known crossovers from its bigger competitors. The company is also proving that better-known isn’t always better. The Sorento does everything about right. Ride comfort is good, Handling, good. Driving dynamics? Surprisingly good. Maybe because it’s between small and midsize. It’s bigger than a Toyota

North American Auto Show debuts Fusion, Dart, Accord

The North American International Auto Show (or Detroit Auto show as it was once known) ends this weekend with a plethora of new vehicles introduced by nearly every manufacturer. Didn’t make it. Neither did I, but here’s a few things of interest. Some you’ll see soon at your favorite dealerships, others, well, if you scream

2012 Honda Civic tries to keep up with competition

So what’s up with all the bad press about the 2012 Civic? Some dealers don’t like it because it’s not as distinct as the new crop of Hyundais and Kias roaming the planet. Others have said it’s more of an evolution than a revelation. And? Why mess up a good thing. My time with the

Honda unveils 4 cylinder version of Crosstour Sedan

Honda introduced its Accord Crosstour sedan a couple years ago to lukewarm reviews. It has since dropped the Accord from the name, but has smartly kept the car in its lineup. The Crosstour is smoother and quieter than the Accord Sedan it’s modeled after. It’s larger, more comfortable and has eons more storage space. And

Honda Fit EV expands company’s alternative fuel offerings

The new Honda Fit EV debuted at the LA Autoshow last week and adds to the company’s already impressive lineup of alternative fuel vehicles. The Fit EV, like the Nissan Leaf, is totally electric and uses no gasoline. The car, depending on the driving mode (Econ, Normal and Sport), can achieve 123 city miles off

Acura ZDX Is A Bit Odd But Fun to Drive

The first thing I noticed about Acura’s ZDX is what everyone else seems to notice – this is one sharp car. Literally. The architectural look to current Acura’s for me is stunning. I love the shield-faced noses that have taken over as the corporate face. Most of the people who approached me about the ZDX