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Big security hole in HTC Android phones

Android police reports on a security vulnerability in HTC’s Android’s phones. It seems that the issue allows a hacker to gain access to a list of user accounts, email addresses and sync status for HTC  phones plus phone numbers, SMS data and access to everything your running apps are doing. HTC issued a statement saying

HTC Jetstream tablet hits AT&T stores

As expected, AT&T is now selling the HTC Jetstream tablet. It comes with a heavy price tag of $700 with a two-year contract or $850 with no contract. If you sign the two-year deal, you must get the new $35 3 gig monthly data plan. And there is a 14-day return policy. Here are some

Android users: Apps > Mobile Web

A new Nielsen study shows that users of Android-powered cell phones prefer mobile applications (apps) over using the mobile web by a more than 2-to-1 margin. That’s not surprising. Until everyone is using 4G networks, with their often-better-than-my-living-room-WiFi-speed, mobile apps just perform better, and they take less time to get into. You open the phone