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New Apple operating system has a bluetooth bug

Apple has released an update to its computer operating system, called Yosemite. The update, OS X 10.10.3, brings many updates, including a new Photos app that is very similar to Photos on the iPad and iPhone. It’s also got some security updates. Many readers of ADT and throughout the Internet have complained about a bluetooth

Apple intros new iPad Mini, iMac, MacMini, MacBook

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to a California stage Tuesday to announce the company’s latest big projects: new versions of its MacBook computer line, a new version of its popular iPad tablet and a new version of its iBooks software. “We have some very fond memories here,” Cook said, “and we’re going to create a

Apple to overhaul all product lines, including iPad and iPhone, in 2012?

Digitimes says consumers can expect Apple to “completely overhaul” its product lineups in 2012. That overhaul includes new versions of iPad, iMac, iPhone and MacBook Air. It says Apple will produce two million next-gen iPads before the end of 2011 and that Apple has asked supply chain partners to develop flat panel modules and LED