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Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 update for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Remember that little battery bug that was bothering some iPhone users awhile back? Apple’s new software update, just out, is said to include fixes to improve that and it adds multi-tasking gestures for original iPad users. You can download it over WiFi, over the air or plug into iTunes. Your call. iOS 5.0.1 Software Update

Apple working on battery issue with iOS 5

We’ve heard from many folks who are having some battery issues with their new iPhone 4Ses and software-updated iPhone 4s and 3GSs. Seems that in addition to bringing a lot of cool new features to iPhone, iOS 5 has also introduced some battery drain woes. Apple told the Loop in an official response that it

iPhone battery draining fast? Try this

You just picked up a shiny new iPhone 4S or a new 8-gig previous generation iPhone 4, or maybe you just updated your old iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS with Apple’s cool new iOS 5 operating system. You’re eagerly exploring all the cool features and can hardly put it down — and that’s when you

So now we know. But can the 4S keep iPhone at No. 1?

A few random thoughts after Tuesday’s big iPhone 4S announcement: The rumors and speculation felt bigger this year than most. A lot of people thought Apple might pull off something really big, like introduce a radically redesigned phone. I don’t think many people expected Apple to introduce a 4G model, especially given the company’s attitudes toward

Best Buy offers free iPhone 3GS with contract

On Monday, Aug 22, Best Buy ran its one day promotion to get a free iPhone 3GS with a two-year contract. With the iPhone 4 past its expiration date and an iPhone 5 on the way, that seems a dicey purchase, but a free iPhone 3GS is still better than most any other free with

Android owns U.S. market overall, but iPhones are top handsets

Market research company The NPD Group has released its latest study on the volatile cellular phone industry and, surprise, Android still rules. According to NPD, Google’s Android operating system owns 52 percent of units sold in the second quarter of 2011. Apple’s iPhone was next, moving up to 29 percent. BlackBerry fell to 11 percent.