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Apple intros new iPad Mini, iMac, MacMini, MacBook

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to a California stage Tuesday to announce the company’s latest big projects: new versions of its MacBook computer line, a new version of its popular iPad tablet and a new version of its iBooks software. “We have some very fond memories here,” Cook said, “and we’re going to create a

iPhone 5 sales open to long lines, Maps controversy

Apple’s new smartphone, the highly anticipated iPhone 5, went on sale today and from all reports, the lines at Apple stores have been quite long. Some fans have camped out for more than a week. Several hundred iFans lined up outside Apple’s New York store and were featured in national broadcasts during the morning news

iPhone 5 pre-orders appear to be going fast

Apple, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon began selling the new iPhone 5 at 3 a.m. EST Friday morning and sales appear to have been brisk. All four online stores experienced delays, though Apple’s Apple Store App appeared to work for many customers. About an hour into the pre-order process, Apple’s online store had pushed back delivery

Google launches new iPhone YouTube app

One day ahead of Apple introducing a new mobile operating system, iOS6, that will likely drop support for a native YouTube app, Google has released a new iPhone app. There is not an iPad version, something we hope Google will rectify before iOS6 appears for download. Running the iPhone app on iPad doesn’t look nice

Apple sends out invitations for iPhone 5 media event Sept. 12

By now, you’ve probably heard the rumors, but now Apple is ready to show us their latest iPhone. The company issued invitations to a Sept. 12 media event near its headquarters in California. The invitation tagline reads “It’s almost here.” The event begins at 1 p.m. The invitation clearly shows the shadow of “5” coming