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NBC hopes to lure displaced Philly sports fans with new streaming plan

NBC is going after Philly fans who don’t live in Philly anymore. The peacock network is launching a new streaming product, called “Philly Pass.” It will gives folks outside the network’s Philadelphia territory to have access to pre- and post-game coverage of NBC Sports’ Eagles, Phillies and Sixers coverage. The pass, which will cost $29.99

Apple introduces new iPods, iPod Touches and new iTunes

Apple introduced a new version of its iTunes Music store at a news conference Tuesday. The company says the new software will deliver improved performance and allow users to preview content while browsing. It’ll also have improved search results. The new setup seems easier to use. It allows users to see their music playlists at

Apple introduces iPhone 5

Wearing an open collar black button down shirt and jeans, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage in San Francisco to announce his company’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 5. The original iPhone was launched in 2007 and this is the sixth model Apple has released. The new phone, available in white or black, is

Apple releases new version of iTunes to support iBooks textbooks

Apple has released a new version of iTunes, version 10.5.3, to support interactive textbooks on the iPad. Apple doesn’t think the textbook is going to be the ideal learning tool of tomorrow’s classrooms. The company believes today’s textbooks are heavy, that they are expensive and that they wear out. “Yet,” company exec Phil Schiller said,

Addictive Guess Dat Song game hits iTunes top 10

Around the Alldaytech.com offices, we’ve been playing a lot of this little title called “Guess Dat Song.” It’s a simple game, as all the best ones are. You guess song titles, artists or albums after hearing brief clips from various songs. It’s Angry Birds addictive and apparently we aren’t the only ones who think so.

Apple launches iTunes Match service

Apple’s new iTunes 10.5.1 update brings U.S. customers its long-awaited iTunes Match service, which lets users store a copy of their entire iTunes library in Apple’s iCloud for $24.99 per year. Why is it called Match? Because it will match your existing music files with high quality versions of the same in Apple’s iTune’s store

Apple releases iTunes 10.5 with iCloud support

Wednesday is a big day for Apple, bringing users its new iOS5 mobile operating system and its long-awaited iCloud service that will allow them to backup data automatically and move data around easily. With iCloud, users will be able to shoot photos on iPhone, for example, and have those photos automatically appear on the home

Apple releases new iTunes update to address issues

Apple has just released an iTunes update, iTunes 10.4.1 Here are the release notes: What’s new in iTunes 10.4.1 iTunes 10.4 is now designed for OS X Lion. You can now use iTunes with OS X Lion’s new full-screen app capability, which allows you to use iTunes and other apps without distractions. Navigate between your