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Kia K900 wants to be top dog in large luxury sedans

When Hyundai introduced the Equus a few years back there was a collective side eye given by the automotive press thinking the company had overstepped its boundaries. Not so.Turns out Korean luxury is as good as Japanese, German and American. Now that Hyundai’s sister company Kia has jumped into the big luxury car fray, we’re

Jaguar’s XJ is world class luxury sedan

You’ve probably heard that owing certain cars puts you in the lap of luxury. I believe you can successfully make the argument that the Jaguar XJ is luxury’s lap itself. It’s not a hard argument. Jaguar has always known how to make exquisite cars and this is one of the world’s best. Seriously. The design,

New Land Rover evokes a driver’s passion

Say Land Rover and most automatically think of the Range Rover, arguably the world’s most plush (and toughest) sport utility vehicle. Would you think compact SUV? There is the LR3, but it’s kind of old-think and not very stylish. Can’t say that about the new Evoque. It’s all new, in idea and execution. Stylish? Very.

Genesis R-Spec Sedan Is Special Indeed

Charleston, SC — My, how the fallen have become mighty. Hyundai’s also-ran status from the ‘90s has quickly turned into try to keep up with us in this century. The company has turned out one success after another and isn’t slowing down. Even with new product in the pipeline it has had time to revise

Kia Optima Turbo Offers Value, Style

If Hyundai had its sights on Lexus and Mercedes for the nifty Sonata sedan, surely Kia was looking at Jaguar’s XF for the stunning Optima. Yes, that Optima, a boring but competent sedan that was as affordable as it was serviceable. Kia has injected a great deal of style into this reworked Optima. It is