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Apple introduces new MacBook Air, Mac Mini at Brooklyn Media Show

Apple held a press conference in Brooklyn Tuesday morning to introduce new products. We dive into the announcements (updating) MacBook Air: The new MacBook Air will come with an upgraded Retina display. Apple said every part of the product has been redesigned and re-engineered. The new 13.3-inch display is nearly edge to edge with four

Apple intros new iPad Mini, iMac, MacMini, MacBook

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to a California stage Tuesday to announce the company’s latest big projects: new versions of its MacBook computer line, a new version of its popular iPad tablet and a new version of its iBooks software. “We have some very fond memories here,” Cook said, “and we’re going to create a

Sales of Mac computers up 22 percent

Seems, right now, that everything that’s “Made By Apple In California” is selling like hotcakes. Business Insider reports today, quoting data from the NPD Group, that sales of Apple’s Mac computers are up 22 percent for the first two months of this quarter, ahead of predicted Wall Street growth of 16 percent. Apple analyst Gene