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So what does the failed AT&T T-Mobile merger mean for you?

Now that the proposed $39 billion AT&T buyout of T-Mobile has fallen through, what does it mean for customers of the two networks? For now, life will go on if you use either network for your cell phone or tablet devices. As part of a breakup agreement, T-Mobile will get wireless spectrum in 128 markets,

FCC to AT&T: How does T-Mobile merger create jobs?

The Wall Street Journal reports Federal Communications wireless bureau chief Rick Kaplan wrote a note to AT&T lawyers Thursday asking the same question many of you probably already have: How will a merger (or a buyout) between AT&T and T-Mobile create jobs? Kaplan says AT&T has produced little information to back up their claims that

T-Mobile: Huge product launch, hopeful about AT&T merger

T-Mobile didn’t get any love in yesterday’s big Apple iPhone 4S announcement, leaving T-Mobile as the only one of the big four U.S. wireless carriers without iPhone. That’s not good for business. TmoNews, a blog that follows T-Mobile exclusively, even asked in an op-ed piece yesterday if Apple killed T-Mobile by not putting iPhone 4S