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Volvo adds spice to 2015 S60 T6 sedan

Volvo has always been known for making safe cars. Years back it even had a model that you just couldn’t kill. The company’s lack of interesting design, however, has always been a fault. There have been a few good things. The hardtop convertible is cool and some of the station wagons have been so as

Nissan Juke kicks up fun with NISMO model

Nissan’s Juke seems to be a hit. I’ve seen many them running about town with various types of drivers from young to middle aged. This was in the regular fun version. My first experience in the Juke came in NISMO trim, which the company introduced at the Chicago Auto show back in January. If Juke

New TeleNav GPS shows commute time based on traffic

TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 was released today and brings several new features to Sprint Android phones, including My Dashboard, which shows your exact location and commute times based on live traffic. That sounds pretty handy. There are also three customizable widgets for the Android home screen and you can choose custom car icons like a