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Samsung 4K player delivers the goods to high-def TVs

After spending a few months with a Samsung 4K disc player I have come to the conclusion that blu-ray is no longer enough. There, I said it. Yes, folks, watching 4K movies is a much more immersive experience than watching my favorite films on Blu-ray. No there isn’t a lot of content, but what’s out

Panasonic introduces Toughbook Android tablets

Tired of your tablet computer being a little, um, sensitive, at least in terms of drops or spills? Panasonic’s new Toughpad Android tablets may be for you. The tabs come with 10-inch screen or 7-inch screen. They are designed for people who work in the field and whose tablets are subject to a lot of

Panasonic to make 2012 Olympics all 3D

Get your 3D glasses ready sports fans. TV maker Panasonic has partnered with the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Broadcasting Services to produce the first HD 3D live broadcasts ever from the games. The 3D broascasts will include the opening and closing ceremonies, gymnastics, diving and swimming. OBS will produce more than 200 hours