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[ 31 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Ford Fusion Energi is stylish ]

With the number of hybrid options growing yearly, it’s hard to choose the right car. Do you go straight electric, plug in or gas/hybrid combo? Depends on how green you want to go and what your size need are.
I’d like to suggest the Ford Fusion Hybrid Energi. It’s stylish, roomy and gives you a bit of all electric vehicle as well.
The Fusion Energi looks exactly like its gas sibling so you have to look at …

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[ 28 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on WRX grows up without losing youthfulness ]

Subaru’s WRX has been known for it’s all-out raw performance at a somewhat budget price. It’s the kind of car that enthusiasts love because it is so raw.
So what happens when Subaru decides to give it a good ride along with all that performance. Heresy? Not quite. The 2015 (yes already) WRX has gained acceptable road manners while keeping most of its wild child attitude.
The WRX is still wild. There is much horsepower, handling capability …

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[ 27 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on Chrysler 300: imported from Detroit and proud ]

When you have something as popular as Chrysler’s 300 sedan and you need to make changes but don’t want to mess up a good thing what do you do?
You do exactly what chief designer Ralph Giles and company did – fix the car’s interior and freshen the exterior so that it’s recognizable but better.
Give Mr. Giles a medal for restraint and his use of simple elegance. The 300 has only gotten better looking. It no …

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[ 31 Dec 2011 | One Comment ]

I don’t get to drive BMWs often but it only takes a few seconds of seat time to remember why I like them so much: nothing else drives like one.
Nope, there is no other less-than-exotic maker that gives you this kind of visceral feeling. You just like them. You don’t even have to think about it. You just know you do.
I still think the 3-Series is so close to perfection it’s scary. That’s from a …

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[ 11 Oct 2011 | 86 Comments ]

Combining sporty handling and a luxurious ride is a difficult thing. The idea is to establish a balance that will please those looking for both in their automotive choice.
It is nearly impossible to do, however. You either get something that’s too cushy or too stiff. Can’t please everyone, right?
No, you can’t. But there are a few who will live with a moderately stiff ride for a car that isn’t afraid to carve up the road.
If …