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Porsche Cayman S more than budget Carrera

Porsche. Say the name and you think of sports cars – the sports car. Well, usually that sports car is the 911 Carrera, but hey, it is the Porsche. The company offers so much more, however. The redesigned 2014 Cayman S is more wonderful than ever and is nearly as rewarding as the top-dog Porsche.

Fiesta ST is fiery, fuel efficient hatchback

Ford’s Fiesta  has enjoyed much success during its second run as a vehicle for the company. Small cars with good gas mileage and a willing spirit for the driver are all the rage. That’s why Ford keeps tinkering with the Fiesta. How do you make a good thing great? How about adding a 197 horsepower

Nissan Juke kicks up fun with NISMO model

Nissan’s Juke seems to be a hit. I’ve seen many them running about town with various types of drivers from young to middle aged. This was in the regular fun version. My first experience in the Juke came in NISMO trim, which the company introduced at the Chicago Auto show back in January. If Juke

Hyundai Veloster gets more velocity for 2013

Hyundai’s Veloster created a huge buzz in 2012. Was there finally a snazzy coupe that delivered that elusive sporty feeling at a really good price? Yes and no. Yes, the price was right and the looks were good. No, the four-cylinder didn’t deliver the punch for some so it was a base hit instead of

Turbo diesel Beetle is great hybrid option

Volkswagen’s Beetle was in need of a makeover, a style update. The “new” Beetle was getting long in the tooth and sales were beginning to fade. How could the company keep the car’s originality and give it an update that, well, updated the car? Easily, apparently. The current new Beetle is more handsome, more practical

Caddy’s ATS is one special sports sedan

Well, well, what’s this? Cadillac makes a serious push into the luxury compact sedan segment. Yes, that’s right. If you haven’t heard, the ATS is the real deal. It’s done so right that Audi, BMW Lexus and Infiniti need to take notice. The ATS is so strong it was voted automobile of the year at

Cadillac CTS-V wagon worthy of sport reference

  Is there a need for a 556 horsepower, supercharged V8 station wagon that starts at $63,215? Of course not. Am I glad Cadillac makes such a vehicle? Hail yeah! The fact that any car manufacturer has the nerve to do this is refreshing. That Cadillac, as American as you can get company, does it