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Galaxy Note9 unboxed and ready to sell

Samsung’s Note9 is unboxed. Do you want it? Should you want it? Maybe. The new Note9 is very similar to the Note8, but with upgrades. Slightly seems to be the best way to describe the new Note. It’s slightly larger, has a sightly larger screen, is slightly heavier, has a slightly better camera  and is

4K HD is here. Do you want it? Do you care?

Like your 1080p television? Good, It’s obsolete and it’s not 3D, it’s 4K HD that’s the culprit. Yes, as I write, the first sets are available on line and at select retailers. It has a resolution four times that of 1080p sets, or so says the folks who make them. It’s hard to really tell

Mophie introduces two new portable mobile device chargers

About the worst thing that can ever happen is that you get somewhere and run out of power to your Android or Windows or Apple portable phone or tablet and you can’t charge it — at a concert, at the park, in the backyard and you’re too lazy or too comfortable to get up. Mophie

Motorola Droid 4 review

Recently had a week with the Motorola Droid 4, which was introduced and heavily hyped at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It has a 1.2 gigahertz processor and a five-row QWERTY keyboard with edge-lit keys. To me, the keyboard and keys, while they felt a little small, were the best things about

HTC One S smartphone to drop on T-Mobile April 25

T-Mobile is getting a new high-powered smartphone next week. The HTC One S will be available to customers April 25 for $199 with the standard two-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate card. The phone will be able to access T-Mobile’s fastest faux 4G network speeds and will run the latest Android smartphone software (version

Apple may turn to exotic metal for next iPhone

Apple iPhone rumors are flying faster now that the latest iPad is out and, well, Apple fanboys need something else to talk about. So, will it have a bigger screen, a faster processor, 4G LTE and 1 gig of ram? Some if not all of that will be included but the latest bit of news

AT&T to raise smartphone data rates for new customers

AT&T says data usage is increasing 40 percent every year. Users are using their smartphones and tablets to stream music and movies more and more. That costs the company, and AT&T says it has to pass some of those costs along. So beginning Jan. 22, new AT&T customers will pay $20 for a 300-megabye monthly

New Gorilla Glass is brighter, thinner, stronger

Thanks to new advances in Gorilla Glass touch screen technology, bulky smartphone cases and shattered screens from accidental smartphone drops may soon become a thing of the past. The glass on today’s phones is much tougher than in past years thanks to many manufacturers using Corning’s Gorilla Glass, which is resistant to scratches, drops and