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T-Mobile Father Day Special offers free 4G phones with contract

T-Mobile is trying to entice families into getting a smartphone this Father’s Day weekend. On Friday June 15 and Saturday June 15, T-Mobile will hold a Father’s Day sale where all of its 4G smartphones and select broadband devices will be free with qualifying plans. Hard to say no to free? Read on for the

Hess Express App helps find good gas prices, shopping deals

The Hess Corporation has redesigned its “Hess Express” mobile app and website to help customers find real-time gas prices, traffic info and customized deals and coupons. Of course, you can also find the closest Hess location. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can get text alerts. The press release: Hess Corporation and OpenStore™

Verizon Q3 solid, above estimates

One day after AT&T reported topping the 100 million customer mark for the first time, Verizon reported revenue of nearly $28 billion, which is up more than five percent from a year ago, for its third quarter. The cash take is slightly ahead of Wall Street estimates. Verizon’s wireless revenue was up 6.1 percent to

AT&T adds five new Android smartphones, now offers 19 total

AT&T announced five new Android smartphones this week: the Motorola ATRIX 2, the Samsung Captivate Glide, the Samsung DoubleTIme, the Pantech Pocket and the AT&T Avail. Back in January, BellSouth said it would introduce 12 Android devices this year. It’s now up to 19. Here’s the press release with details on each phone: AT&T EXCEEDS

Samsung: Big sales, Prime video leaks, Prime debut postponed

It was a big news day in Samsung land. First, a video of the new Samsung Nexus Prime (Google flagship) device hit YouTube. Then the company decided to postpone the debut of the phone, which had been scheduled for a press conference in San Diego next Tuesday. Samsung and Google said they were doing so

Sharp to design smartphones for LightSquared’s upcoming 4G/LTE network

LightSquared announced today that Sharp will build smartphones and tablets to operate on its upcoming 4G/LTE network. Sprint announced its partnership with LightSquared in July and plans to hold a media update event in New York City. Here’s the presser: LightSquared Announces Collaboration with Sharp® on L-Band Smartphone and Tablet Product Development LightSquared will provide

Do you trade cars like you do cell phones?

Interesting study out today from LeaseTrader.com, which says consumers are trying to get out of leases earlier because they look at their Volkwagens like their Androids: they want the latest cars faster — just like they want the latest smartphones. LeaseTrader’s survey shows that just like you want to get out of the two-year contract

Apple poised to be the top smartphone maker in the world

According to the industry tech insider Digitimes, global smartphone shipments will hit more than 460 million this year, up 60 percent over 2010. Leading that charge, Digitimes says, is Apple. Digitimes Research reports that Apple will pass Nokia in terms of smartphone shipment volume, with more than 86 million units shipped in 2011. That’s up