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[ 25 Mar 2017 | Comments Off on With new wave of 4K TVs coming, Sony’s 850D is a steal — and here’s why ]

Before we opened the box to unwrap Sony’s 65-inch 850D series TV to test, I’d read a lot about the TV’s lack of really good contrast. The thinking was this: if you were watching  the set in a dark room, or you were watching a really dark scene, the TV would express blacks as dark gray.
We found that to be just a tiny bit true, but we also found this TV to be the best …

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[ 30 Jan 2014 | Comments Off on Sony showcases new Music Video Recorder at 2014 NAMM Show ]
Sony shows off what its new Music Video Maker can do at NAMM 2014.

We were stopped in our tracks at the Sony booth this year by the band performing there. LA-based alt-soul sextet Elaine Faye and the Big Bang were holding court with a brilliant acoustic set. They aren’t friends, we aren’t paid to pimp, we just liked them.
We noticed Sony’s new Music Video Recorder display next to us as we stood listening. The handheld recorder was broadcasting video of the live performance on a monitor mounted to the …

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[ 25 Apr 2013 | Comments Off on 4K HD is here. Do you want it? Do you care? ]

Like your 1080p television? Good, It’s obsolete and it’s not 3D, it’s 4K HD that’s the culprit.
Yes, as I write, the first sets are available on line and at select retailers. It has a resolution four times that of 1080p sets, or so says the folks who make them. It’s hard to really tell because there is not much content available to watch. Heck, there’s nothing that’s broadcast in 1080p, much less 4K HD.
Sony seems …

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[ 5 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Ford bullish on 2013 Taurus restyle, options ]

Ford set the automotive industry on its collective ear when it introduced the 1986 Taurus sedan in late 1985.
The chiefs at the other car companies dismissed it as being too radical and the public wouldn’t go for it. Wrong. It was a huge hit, so much so that others tried to follow too quickly and came up with messes and misses.
By the 2000s every company had gotten it right and the Taurus was an afterthought. …

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[ 8 Feb 2012 | Comments Off on Sony releases intriguing Amazing Spider Man trailer ]

OK, you can book us at the new “Amazing Spider Man” movie due this summer. The trailer is above.

Special effects, storyline, acting, plot all look solid and while we enjoyed the previous three Spider Man movies (well maybe not the third one so much), this one looks darker and more serious.
Sony released the trailer this week for the movie that is due July 3. Sony held special preview events in 13 cities, including Berlin, Rome …

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[ 23 Dec 2011 | 74 Comments ]
Sony releases launch details for PlayStation Vita

One of the most interesting tech hardware launches in recent memory comes early next year when Sony delivers its new PlayStation Vita handheld system.
It’s said to boast PlayStation 3 quality graphics on a 5-inch screen in the palm of your hand. It will run via WiFi or 3G. It has full gaming industry support and will have 25 titles on launch day Feb. 22. Software will run you between $10 and $50.
Ay, there’s the rub.
With …

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[ 25 Oct 2011 | 61 Comments ]
Aaron Sorkin

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Sony, which acquired the rights to the Steve Jobs film, is quickly green-lighting the project. Quoting a source, the L.A. Times says Sony is working with writer Aaron Sorkin, who wrote “Moneyball” and the Facebook movie “Social Network” to write the new movie.
The “Moneyball” and “Social Network” writer was said by the person to be considering the prospect but had made no decisions. Sony and a Sorkin representative …

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[ 12 Oct 2011 | 102 Comments ]
Sony PlayStation network

Sony’s chief information security officer, Phillip Reitinger, has taken to the web to alert users of the company’s online services about another hacking issue.
Reitinger posted on Playstation’s blog that Sony has detected an attempt to hack user approximately 93,000 accounts globally on its Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation network and the Sony Online Network services. The post says the hacker used large amounts of data obtained from “other companies, sites or other sources.”
In other words, a …

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[ 22 Aug 2011 | 80 Comments ]
Sony unveils Live with Walkman handset

The Xperia Play didn’t have the PlayStation name in it, and maybe that had something to do with why the otherwise pretty good Android smartphone didn’t do well. Well, it was also kind of thick and heavy in a world where thin is in, but the name thing didn’t help any.
Sony’s making sure to not miss the mark with its new “Live With Walkman” handset it announced today. The Android handset has a Walkman button …