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Infiniti Q60 Red Sport looks, acts the part of sporty car

Infiniti has always been one of my favorite luxury brands, despite the disastrous ad campaign that launched the brand. Remember the salmon swinging upstream? Never did see that Q45 did we. Ok, that was nearly 30 years ago and the brand certainly has proven itself worthy against well established luxury marks. Infiniti has added some

Porsche Cayman S more than budget Carrera

Porsche. Say the name and you think of sports cars – the sports car. Well, usually that sports car is the 911 Carrera, but hey, it is the Porsche. The company offers so much more, however. The redesigned 2014 Cayman S is more wonderful than ever and is nearly as rewarding as the top-dog Porsche.

IS350 F-Sport shows Lexus has lots of life

A few years ago I thought Lexus had lost its mojo. It always built cars that were great value in the luxury field as well as those which you could drive the wheels off, buy new tires and drive for another dozen years or so. Yet, the SC 300 was the last true sexy thing

Subaru delivers light, grippy BRZ sports car

Subaru’s sexy BRZ coupe is, well, one sexy new coupe. The company has come out of its three-box design briefly to offer a stunningly sculpted two door that looks as if it cost thousands more. Yes, this car is a looker –something that turns heads and gets lips asking questions. Yes, I like it. Yes,

Stealthy Maxima still Nissan’s top offering

I once thought Nissan should drop the Maxima. What’s the point? The Altima is nearly the same size, is cheaper and is nearly identical in look. So I thought. I changed my mind when I drove a Maxima recently. The Altima is a very good family sedan. The Maxima is a nearly great four door

Fiat 500 Abarth is a blast from past

Fiat’s reintroduction to the US market has been a bit tepid at best. The 500 is cute, cuddly and compact but that has a limited appeal to an even more limited audience. Add something else to the mix  – oh, let’s say more power, racier looks and handling – and you’ve just expanded your market.