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Sprint plans to cap hotspot data plans to 5GB

Just weeks ahead of a rumored iPhone launch, Sprint watcher site SprintFeed reports that the wireless carrier intends to put a 5 gigabyte cap on its mobile hotspot data plans. The data usage on the phone itself, however, will remain unlimited. This move might be, of course, to prevent iPhone users from getting the Apple

Sprint plans big media event for Oct. 7 with big news

This morning, Sprint sent out media invitations to a major event in New York Oct. 7. Judging by the graphics on the invite, it looks like we’ll be talking about networks and in building signal strength and what not. Sprint boss Dan Hesse has hinted all summer that his company would have a significant announcement

Rumor: Sprint employees told to not discuss iPhone 5 rumors

With iPhone 5 rumors running rampant — a 3.8” screen, a 4” screen — Sprint employees have apparently been told to not discuss the soon-to-be-released Apple handset. The Sprint blog, SprintFeed, reports that an internal memo has been sent to Sprint employees to not speculate about whether an iPhone is coming to the company, despite

Sprint to launch iPhone 5 in October, according to WSJ

The Wall Street Journal, adding to a flurry of Apple news lately, is reporting that Sprint will release an iPhone 5 version in October. The WSJ sources say Sprint will also carry the cheaper iPhone 4 version that’s widely expected to launch at the same time. Many sources claim the new iPhone 5 will be