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T-Mobile to fight iPhone 5 with money on Zero Down Magenta Days

T-Mobile may not be getting the iPhone 5, but it’s running a promotion that it hopes to lure customers into its stores regardless. For Sept. 21, the day Apple’s iPhone 5  hits stores, until Sept. 30, T-Mobile is sponsoring a deal its calling “Zero Down.” What’s it mean? New and existing T-Mobile customers can purchase

T-Mobile Father Day Special offers free 4G phones with contract

T-Mobile is trying to entice families into getting a smartphone this Father’s Day weekend. On Friday June 15 and Saturday June 15, T-Mobile will hold a Father’s Day sale where all of its 4G smartphones and select broadband devices will be free with qualifying plans. Hard to say no to free? Read on for the

T-Mobile debuts no contract mobile broadband “passes”

Want to power up your tablet or your laptop on the go but don’t want to add another data contract to your collection? T-Mobile recently introduced its new No Annual Contract mobile broadband service passes, in hopes of getting more users to try its faux 4G (but way faster than 3G) speeds. Customers can get

T-Mobile kicks off “Magenta Days,” lets customers trade-in phones

T-Mobile’s new “Magenta Deal Days” will allow customers to trade-in their old phones, from any carrier, and receive a guaranteed trade-in value towards the purchase of a new T-Mobile phone. The deals run until May 8 and customers will get $50 to $200 for any T-Mobile smartphone, including the new HTC-S The official release is

HTC One S smartphone to drop on T-Mobile April 25

T-Mobile is getting a new high-powered smartphone next week. The HTC One S will be available to customers April 25 for $199 with the standard two-year contract after a $50 mail-in rebate card. The phone will be able to access T-Mobile’s fastest faux 4G network speeds and will run the latest Android smartphone software (version

T-Mobile never says never to getting iPhone

In a new interview with AllThingsD, T-Mobile CEO Phillip Humm said the biggest reason his company didn’t have the iPhone was simply because it didn’t support the type of network T-Mobile deploys. He told the website that should change in the future and that it’s up to Apple to put the iPhone on his network.

Post T-Mobile breakup, AT&T buys more spectrum to advance 4G LTE

AT&T didn’t get the T-Mobile spectrum it wanted to help further its 4G LTE network, but Thursday it received approval to buy mobile television spectrum licenses from Qualcomm. The deal was worth nearly $2 billion and will allow AT&T to continue rapid deployment of its new 4G LTE mobile broadband network. The new wireless capacity

CEO of T-Mobile parent company tries to reassure U.S. employees

Now that we know the T-Mobile and AT&T merger or acquisition — or whatever you want to call it — is not going through, T-Mobile’s German parent company, Deutsche Telekom, is trying to reassure U.S. workers they’ll still have a job and the parent company still has some plans for its struggling U.S. business. T-Mobile