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Subaru Ascent climbs into crowded field

That crowded SUV field I’m always talking about just got another player. Meet the Subaru Ascent, the company’s latest attempt at a seven seat vehicle. Subaru has done this before, you ask? Yep. That was the Tribeca, a kinda odd but competent vehicle that was kinda midsized. Subaru produced it for eight years but didn’t

Toyota Yaris does duty as really reliable small car

Toyota has made some of the finest small cars in automotive history. People bought them in huge numbers because these cars were dependable, well built and would last for decades if need be. The Japanese giant still makes great cars but has been under massive pressure lately because of recalls, missteps and increasing competition from

Toyota gives Corolla needed youthful infusion

When Toyota took the wraps off of the 2014 Corolla some time ago there should have been a collective gasp. Were our eyes playing tricks on us or were we seeing something, well, stylish and youngish? Yes, we did and do see such. The boxy, yet dependable Corolla has been transformed into something that fits

Toyota Camry may keep best-selling crown

The Camry has always seemed to be the auto industry’s doormat. It’s the bowl of vanilla ice cream which everyone likes but wishes for the toppings that would make it delightful. Poor Toyota. Poor, indeed. The Camry has been the best selling car in the US for more than 10 years, vanilla or not. Toyota

New Toyota Yaris more competitive for 2012

The first Toyota Yaris was an attempt for the company to get back its good mileage mojo in the well-built small car market. It worked, kinda. The Yaris got great gas mileage but the quality was a little suspect. Much de-contenting went on, making Toyota cut corners to keep the price reasonable. Handling and looks

2012 Honda Civic tries to keep up with competition

So what’s up with all the bad press about the 2012 Civic? Some dealers don’t like it because it’s not as distinct as the new crop of Hyundais and Kias roaming the planet. Others have said it’s more of an evolution than a revelation. And? Why mess up a good thing. My time with the

Toyota Scion iQ is a smart alternative

Palm Springs, Fla. – There are so many reasons why Toyota’s Scion division needs the new iQ. The biggest reason is it’s a smart decision. Yes, friends, all puns intended. The Scion iQ is an alternative to the interesting and tiny Smart car. It’s about the same size and has the same purpose — shuttering

Kia Optima Turbo Offers Value, Style

If Hyundai had its sights on Lexus and Mercedes for the nifty Sonata sedan, surely Kia was looking at Jaguar’s XF for the stunning Optima. Yes, that Optima, a boring but competent sedan that was as affordable as it was serviceable. Kia has injected a great deal of style into this reworked Optima. It is

Ford, Toyota to team up to build large hybrids

I would really love to drive a hybrid, but I don’t want a small car with a tiny engine (I know this is a little counter intuitive). Yes, you can buy a $50,000 Lexus or Toyota model, but I’m talking about a hybrid that won’t require a mortgage. That’s why I am excited about Ford