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Halo 4 videogame making entertainment history

Can a videogame really make more dough in its first week than the Avengers blockbuster movie? Yes, and there are a whole lot of teens who are filling up GameStops around the country. “Consumer demand and excitement for ‘Halo 4’ is even greater than we anticipated,” said Tony Bartel, GameStop president. “Day-one sales of ‘Halo

Nike + Kinect brings high level training to the weekend warrior

Nike and Microsoft are teaming up to bring pro quality training to the weekend warrior. The upcoming Nike + Kinect Training game will actually measure your fitness level and suggest a training program based on the sport you play or want to play. “By combining Nike’s understanding and knowledge of great athletes with the powerful

Microsoft plans to bring cable programming to Xbox 360

Details are still sketchy at this point, but Microsoft made a big announcement this morning that it plans to bring cable television content to its Xbox 360 during the holidays. Think of the 360 as your new set-top box. Microsoft announced today that nearly 40 TV content providers, including HBO, Comcast and Verizon, will have

Video game sales down 26 percent in July

Video games industry, welcome to the Recession. According to the NPD Group, which tracks the industry, July hardware and software sales were down 26 percent in July compared to the same month in 2010. Sound a little like the housing industry? It’s probably getting a little hard for families to shell out $50 to $60