The Lexus LF-LC concept car should wow Detroit Auto Show

A stunning concept that should see the light of day

Lexus is really trying to pull its designs into this century.

The new GS is a great start. It incorporates a little of the LFA’s super car looks. Is that enough? Maybe not, but this LF-LC Hybrid concept might do the trick.

This may be the design language needed for all Lexi to come. Heck, this should be the successor to the SC 400. The grille is out there – way out there and that’s what the franchise needs. The interior is sleek and tight looking (in a good way). CALTY studios were given the go ahead to do this from scratch but, according to president and CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, it had to have the “wow” factor.

Interior is fabulous

This has that and them some. Lexus plans to show this at the North American International Auto Show (Detroit) this week. If reaction is good – and I’d be hard pressed to believe it will not be – the project should be given the green light.

If so, will the company be able to make the car affordable? The LFA isn’t, not at $385,000, but it is desirable. Put in the under $100,000 bracket – and I mean waaaaay under – and this could be the start of something big for Lexus.

Please. Build. This.

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