magicJack Plus lets you make unlimited calls without a computer

One of our favorite tech gadgets has long been the magicJack. It’s a little dongle you attach to your computer and landline phone, which lets you make unlimited phone calls over the Internet for about $20 bucks per year. That beats any price you’d pay a landline service for the same.

Now magicJack Plus has debuted and promises to deliver the same thing–without the need for a PC and for an addition $10 per year. Plug your phone jack into the Magic Jack Plus and plug the magicJack Plus into a power outlet–you’re ready to start dialing. magicJack Plus works with corded, cordless, portable and DECT phones and uses your existing phone number. And like the original magicJack, Plus works with your computer, which lets you can take it anywhere your laptop can go.

Of course, we can’t fully recommend the product without a thorough test (does anyone at magicJack hear us talking?). We can tell you call quality on the original magicJack is pretty good but can decline somewhat during PC use. And the original works only when your computer is on–turn it off and you can’t get any phone calls. But magicJack Plus eliminates the computer so we wonder if users can expect better and more consistent call quality.

Overall it sounds like a convenient little money saver worth looking into–although your phone and cable company probably won’t like it too much.курсы английского в англиираскрутка сайтов стоимостьавторегистраторыCALABRIA W153горнолыжные туры в австрию 2015тент Jeepвстроенные газовые шкафыцена на видео нянючехол для iphone 4 водонепроницаемый