There’s a serious problem with the new Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

Some readers have discovered a serious issue with the new Apple iPhone XS and the new iPhone XS Max.

The devices will not charge if the lightning cable is inserted in some devices while the unit is asleep. Sometimes the device won’t charge at all, even when awake, unless the user switches the end of the lightning cable, by flipping it. And sometimes after the owner wakes the unit, lightning cable inserted, and it begins to charge, the unit becomes unusable.

There is a thread on the official Apple Support Forum that addresses the issue, but so far Apple hasn’t made a statement.

We have the new iPhone XS Max and have not experienced this issue with the lightning cable, but apparently enough users have. One such user wrote to the popular YouTube blog, Unbox Therapy, which created a post on the issue and has brought about awareness.

With almost every Apple iPhone launch there is a bug or too (see “Bendgate”) but we hope this is fixable via software and the Cupertino company releases one soon.