Ticketbud app relaunches, promises easy online ticket sales to your events

Need to sell online tickets to your event, big or small?

Newly relaunched Ticketbud thinks it’s got the perfect solution for your needs. It promises flat fee pricing, which starts at $39.99 for a single day event with no fees for guests.

Further, the company said it can suit any size event “from large music festivals to small high school reunions.” And any cancer-related event gets the service for fee.

More info below in the press release:



AUSTIN, TX (July 5, 2012)  TICKETBUD is announcing today the relaunch of their one-of-a-kind ticketing service that empowers anyone to affordably sell tickets online to their event. Finally, a ticketing company you can feel good about.

Ticketbud lets event organizers set ticket prices at face value  free of surcharges  with its flat fee pricing structure; eliminating the habitual practice of passing these fees on to ticket buyers. Ticketbud’s philosophy is that event organizers should have an opportunity to establish long-term relationships with their supporters and keep all the funds for their cause.

“Our core values are simplicity and working for people fairly. We don’t believe there’s a legitimate reason to add additional fees to ticket sales, or pass those on to the customer. Why do that when, for a simple, flat fee per event, you can sell unlimited tickets?” Paul Cross, Founder

Ticketbud allows you to sell UNLIMITED tickets to your event for one flat fee. Ticketbud’s pricing is $39.99 for a single-day event; $74.99 for a two-day event; $109.00 for a 3-30-day event; and for $149.99 you get a monthly subscription and unlimited events per month. Event organizers receive funds directly into their account as tickets sell, giving immediate access to ticket proceeds, rather than waiting after the event has ended.

With this relaunch, Ticketbud presents a number of unique features including Sponsorbud, which seamlessly integrates sponsorships onto the event page, helping event organizers raise event more proceeds with little to no effort and is the first of its kind in the market.

In addition to self-service online ticketing, Ticketbud provides event promotion and publishing to social media outlets, email invitations to guests, the ability to capture marketing data for future events, a true Private Label service, international currencies, free bar-coded ticket scanner applications available on iPhone and Android and more.

Since its launch in 2007, Ticketbud has provided its box office service worldwide to events of all kinds, everything from the Rocky Mountain Airshow in Bloomfield, CO to Austin Fashion Week in Austin, TX to the Forfey Festival in Northern Ireland. Ticketbud’s flat-fee model continues to gain market share for events of all size and category.

Everyone has a cause they believe in, for Ticketbud it’s cancer research and relief. In the activist spirit Ticketbud provides its box office software “free of charge” to any and all cancer-related events worldwide. Users can feel good about ticketing, knowing they support a good cause.

For more information on Ticketbud and to register your event and get started, go to www.ticketbud.com. Follow them on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/ticketbud and on Twitter @Ticketbud.

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