Why Tiger Woods buying TaylorMade Golf could be a great idea

A new rumor is circulating that one of the greatest golfers who ever lived, Tiger Woods, is in talks to buy one of the world’s best golf companies, TaylorMade.

The story got legs Thursday when Golf Australia magazine editor Brendan James hit Twitter to say that Sir Eldrick will not only play TaylorMade in 2017, he was thinking of buying the company as part of a group of investors.

Then James was seconded by another leading golf voice, Rick Young, a past president of the Golf Journalist Association of Canada and now a writer who follows the equipment industry.

Adidas currently owns TaylorMade but has made no secret it’s looking to get out of the golf equipment business, which isn’t producing the types of profits it once did.

Adidas bought TaylorMade in 1997 when it was part of a French ski and boot manufacturer called Salomon. TaylorMade paid $1.4 billion for Salomon and eight years later, it bought Reebok for $3.8 billion. TaylorMade also bought two other golf brands, Ashworth ($73 million in 2008) and Adams ($70 million in 2012).

Adidas’ golf apparel sales are strong, up 22 percent in the first quarter of 2016 compared to a year ago. TaylorMade’s golf business was up 6 percent but its overall golf brand, including TaylorMade, Adams and Ashworth, was down 1 percent.

Nike recently announced it was going to stop making golf equipment and continue with its apparel business, which is thriving. Woods is among Nike’s biggest pitchmen, playing swoosh equipment and wearing its gear.

Earlier this week, the world’s currently No. 1 ranked golfer Jason Day signed a seven-figure deal to wear Nike gear.

Nike has already kind of presented Woods’ “TW” line of apparel and shoes in a similar way to Michael Jordan’s Brand Jordan in basketball gear. Jordan’s stuff is Nike, but it has its own logo and branding experience.

Woods having his own official arm of Nike could make a lot of sense, and with his good buddy Day now in the fold, he would have a marketable star as well. And Day already plays TaylorMade clubs and plans to continue.

Woods — whether or not he did it under Nike or on his own — would also add huge star power to TaylorMade, too.

In advance of iPhone 7, X-doria releases suite of new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cases. We examine

Ok, so you ordered your new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus last night and you’re probably, like many folks, thinking about the best way to keep it looking nice. And if you bought the new Jet Black color, do know that Apple says it is prone to scratching, so it’s best to find a case for it.

So on the morning of the official iPhone 7 preorder day, X-doria sent us a whole suite of cases to try out. Of course, we don’t have the iPhone 7 to put them on, but we did have a few iPhone 6s and 6 Pluses to put the cases on and try out.

So let’s dig in and see some of what X-doria has to offer.

Defense Lux Series


At $50, this is the king of the X-doria line, but the defense lux series is relatively thin with all the cutouts for the new speaker system and larger camera window, and it’s really much larger than in the past. img_2397


It comes in four colors — black carbon, blue gold, black leather and rose gold — and has a grippy backing to it that just feels good in the hand. More importantly, it doesn’t add a ton of bulk.

The case has a soft rubber inner-layer and a harder polycarbonate backing with an aluminum outer frame. It’s got metallic button covers, too.

It’s got a raised lip in the front and is designed, X-Doria says, to withstand 6-foot-6 drops to concrete. Best of all? It’s not ultra-bulky. Attached to the iPhone 6, this case looks sharp. Only the camera hole just looks Donald Trump HUUUUGGEEE on the older model.





At $29.99, this case has a polycarbonate back to cover the rear, and ours was clear so you could show off your color. The front has a fold-over leatherette covering with slots to put credit cards inside. It’s got a nice clean look and it’s not too expensive. It doesn’t provide the most protection in the world, but does give you the option to go sans-wallet in a pinch.














A little surprisingly, our favorite case of the bunch was the $24.99 Impact Pro. It’s a clear case with colored edges, which is best to show off your shiny black iPhone 7 and keep it protected.img_2380

X-Doria says it’s got two layers of impact protecting rubber: a clear outer edge lining that helps you grip the phone (we can attest this works very well) and an inner layer of what it calls PolyOne shock absorbing polymer. This helps, the company says, deflect the force of impact away from your phone.

On the back side there is a hard shell and the case has a raised lip.img_2379

It’s a handsome case and a pretty decent little bargain.

To see the full line of X-Doria cases, visit their website.








Skip Batman Killing Joke in theaters, save dud for a rainy day

Let us here at Alldaytech.com do you a favor: do not visit your metroplex Monday night (7/25) to see the animated film

The scene, despite the hype, is pretty soap-opera-on-a-weekday tame, except we’ve never seen the Caped Crusader in such a position. There’s been implied love or lust between the two characters onscreen before but the relationship has been more teacher-pupil, nee father-daughter than anything else, so to see the pair actually have, you know, feelings for one another, well, that’s too much to take for some people.

In today’s comic-book multi-verse, however, stories are adapted killingjokeor story arcs are adapted for each different show or movie that comes along. TV Flash is different than the one that will be in the movie Justice League. Characters are killed off in one show that pop up in another.

DC really needs to attend to this issue. Hardcore fans understand what’s going on, but the casual viewer gets lost and expects Batman to always be the Batman they know.

TV Flash, for example, plans to use one of the most popular comic book arcs ever, FlashPoint, as a central theme for the show’s debut this fall. In the comics, Flash speeds back in time and changes — to avoid too many spoiler alerts — many things about his upbringing. Of course, those changes lead to other changes. Bruce Wayne is dead. His dad is Batman. Superman is a skinny captive held out of the sun who doesn’t know his own strength. Green Arrow is not Oliver Queen.

It will be difficult to bring that adaptation to the small screen, so expect some changes. And do those changes affect the other CW superhero shows, or do they not?

As we said, the way DC or writers handling DC characters are doing it now, it can become too much for the average viewer to understand, so they will look at a film like Killing Joke and expect the characters to be the ones they know and love. Only they are not.

This Batman is darker than most, and drawn to be older. Batgirl feels much younger, a woman who won’t date other men because she’s in love with the man who won’t pay her any attention. That’s real life.

The movie is actually two movies in one. One about Batgirl dealing with her “feelings” for her mentor (who obviously shares them) and a neophyte bad guy who thinks his mastery of technology will allow him to rule Gotham. Oh, and he’s got a big “thing” for Batgirl.

It’s a decently played out story and could’ve made a decent made-for-TV comic book movie, but it’s stopped short here, and attached with the Killing Joke arc, mainly because the comic book story that KJ is adapted from is very short.

So after the Bat team wins the day in Part I, Batman comes across some old Joker murders from three years prior and, for some reason, feels the need to confront his white faced enemy in jail figuring that sooner or later one of them will kill the other.

Only the guy Bats visits is a fake. Imprisoned for years, Joker busts out of jail (never explained) and proceeds to visit the Gordons and shoots Barbara in the belly, a direct shot which doesn’t kill her but leaves her paralyzed (we know, go figure).

Joker kidnaps Commissioner Gordon to lure Batman to an abandoned theme park where he tries to verbally assault him and kill him, after trying to make the Commissioner “go crazy” by dragging him through the park naked staring at pictures of his daughter’s bloody torso (pissed off? Definitely. Go all out loony bill? Nah).

Earlier in the film, Joker is shown to have a fondness for prostitutes — and decides to rape bloody Barbara in an implied scene. Fueled with all this knowledge, Batman — who obviously loves Barbara and respects the Commissioner — goes after Joker. The fight is swift, of course, because Joker can’t fight and Batman is Batman.

But Batman’s choices of what to do next are curious given the situation. He actually never gets close to doing what you think he would, never even considers it really, and then the movie closes with the most bizarre unsatisfying ending we’ve ever seen in the series.

I was half waiting for the off-screen voice to come in and say, “so what does the Batman do next? Tune in next week, same Bat time, same Bat channel.”

It was great to see Mark Hamill come back and voice the Joker as only he can, but the Killing Joke was a bad movie, one that you should not waste time going to see in theaters Monday night. It’s worth a rental.


NAMM 2016: She Rocks Awards celebrates women in music

Chaka Khan accepts her Legend Award at the 2016 She Rocks Awards ceremony.
Chaka Khan accepts her Legend Award at the 2016 She Rocks Awards ceremony.

Friday, January 22, The NAMM Show celebrated outstanding women in music with dynamic performances and an array of honorees at the 2016 She Rocks Awards. The She Rocks Awards is held by the Women’s International Music Network (WiMN); WiMN Founder Laura B. Whitmore and guitar shredder Nita Strauss hosted this year’s festivities.

The evening’s list of artists and award winners was a broad one that comprised established and rising celebrities, music biz veterans and a host of their colleagues, family and friends. The night’s highest honors went to living legends Jennifer Batten and Chaka Khan. Guitarist Batten, renowned  for her work with Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck, grabbed a guitar and regaled the crowd with a sampling of her formidable chops immediately after accepting her Icon Award. Eminent R&B vocalist Khan received the evening’s top acknowledgement, the Legend Award. She gave a charmingly brief acceptance speech after which several vocalists took the stage to deliver a spirited medley of her greatest hits.

The She Rocks Awards shone refreshing light on the depth and breadth of women making profound impacts across all facets of the music industry. An all-female house band laid down powerful grooves and the grrrl-power love in the room was palpable. There was no shortage of impressive stage presence and charisma during arresting performances delivered most notably by Amy Heidmann, who performed with her duo Karmin and Mona Tavakoli, who performed with Raining Jane.

Below is the complete list of 2016 She Rocks Awards Honorees:

Amy Heidemann of Karmin – Mad Skills Award
Jennifer Batten – Icon Award
Pamela Cole & Leigh Maples of Fanny’s House of Music – Motivator Award
Crystal Morris of Gator Cases – Enterprise Award
Cathy Carter Duncan of Seymour Duncan – Trailblazer Award
Mary Luehrsen of NAMM and the NAMM Foundation – Champion Award
Mindy Seegal Abovitz of Tom Tom Magazine – Dreaming Out Loud Award
Chalise Zolezzi of Taylor Guitars – Excellence Award
Mona Tavakoli and Becky Gebhardt of the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls L.A. and Raining Jane – Inspire Award
Sujata Murthy of Universal Music Enterprises – Vision Award
Leslie Ann Jones of Skywalker Sound – Powerhouse Award
Chaka Khan – Legend Award
Tom Gilbert – Real Deal Award

For more information on The She Rocks Awards and WiMN:

NAMM 2016: The ONE Smart Piano teaches how to play

Stevie Wonder at the Smart Piano booth.
Stevie Wonder at the Smart Piano booth.

Times, they are a’changing. Music education evolves right along with them. When we learned to play piano in an era long gone the best teachers granted lessons only to those of us fortunate enough to enjoy homes furnished with spendy upright acoustic pianos. Holy grail grand pianos were so out of reach for the average working parent they barely merit mention. The evolution of keyboards and synthesizers in the MTV ’80s heralded a slew of affordable consumer models that inspired a new wave of kids eager to learn to play. Unweighted, shortened, affordable keyboards flooded the market and hopeful parents bought them as gifts to their eager children for Christmas–only to be rejected. The purist piano teacher said no to any child who did not have an acoustic piano at home. Acoustic piano and electric keyboards were not remotely the same animal and a proper pianistic foundation was impossible to establish on anything electronic.

Pan forward 30 years. Technology is a marvel and the teaching tools available today are unlike anything previously imaginable. Enter The ONE Smart Piano, “The piano that teaches you how to play.”

Their display on the 3rd floor at NAMM was inconspicious, as NAMM goes. We wandered past several times on our hurried way elsewhere before stopping to give it a real gander.

The One Smart Piano is designed to make learning to play piano easy and fun  through its innovative e-learning model. The instrument itself is the teacher; the student plugs in an 6.0 IOS+ iPhones and iPads devices  Android 4.0+ device and follows along with Smart Piano’s downloadable sheet music as light-up keys guide finger placement. Video lessons and even piano games are available online.

TheOne is available in two models: the 61-key digital Light Keyboard and the 88-key digital upright Smart Piano. The Light Keyboard retails for $299 and features backlit, touch-responsive keys, 64-note polyphony, sustain, 128+ tones and 20 presets, folding stand and integrated app. The Smart Piano is a full-sized upright digital piano that retails for $1499.00 and features 88 weighted keys, 3 foot pedals, 64-note max polyphony, 128 tones and six drum sounds, a bidirectional USB MIDI port and integrated speakers.

The premise was so compelling Stevie Wonder stopped by Sunday afternoon to take it for a spin before a crowd of admirers. We were at their booth checking out their boards when everything became this:

“Stevie Wonder chose to play The ONE Smart Piano, out of all of the pianos in the entire piano hallway. He sat down, played through a few scales and rifts, and declared that the piano was something he would be interested in getting for his daughter. We were blown away!”

For more information:

NAMM 2016: A groovy return to Moog’s Island of Electronicus

Moog Music Island of Electronicus sign, NAMM 2016.
Moog Music Island of Electronicus sign, NAMM 2016.

The 70s were a groovy time.

This year Moog’s 2016 NAMM booth took us back to its seminal 1971 Moog Island of Electronicus, in tribute to the company’s first successful immersive marketing event/experience of the same name and vibe. The original Moog Island of Electronicus event was held on an island off the coast of Florida and was a success. Trippy, 70s, totally retro and replete with sky-high cacti, bean bag cushions, blankets and plenty of retro gear all in the round, this year’s Moog was a sight to behold.

The welcome sign read:
“Welcome to the Island of Electronicus. This is our tribute to David Van Koevering, Moog’s former marketing guru, who founded the Island of Electronicus off the Florida coast in 1970. Back then, the Island took in the spectacle at the foot of the stage, seated on pillows, Van Koevering encouraged audience participation and had synthesizers set up at the front of the stage for people on the pillows to play. Part show, part happening, part concern, part a revivalist meeting – the Island of Electronicus had it all. Although the Island happened after the psychedelic 60s, the use of electronic music and light show to induce transcendent states was similar. Van Koevering wanted his audience to experience a Moog-induced state of reverie. We invite you to do the same.”

More information about Moog can be found here:

http://moogfoundation.org/летняя резина ценаgopro hero3 black buy

NAMM 2016: Strumstick design ensures no wrong notes

Sometimes progress is achieved through reverse engineering, by the stripping down of the burliest thing to its leanest bones. The good folks at McNally Instruments’ Strumstick have done just that with their innovative, three-stringed instrument of the same name. Strumstick ensures that, fumble as you may across its fretboard, you simply cannot produce a wrong note. Daunted by the challenge of learning to play a traditional guitar? Wish there was an easy way to make cool-sounding music even if you have no particular musical ability? Enter Strumstick.

We stopped by their booth at the 2016 NAMM show this month out of curiosity. The streamlining of multi-stringed instruments into lean, reedy minimalist and easily digestible musical models geared to first-timers and novices is a musical movement that seems to be trending. Slaperoo, we passed you on our way and yes–we are looking at you, too.

We play traditional 6-string guitar here at ADT, which we learned through years of good ole’ practice. Why would one interested in guitar not want to start with the real thing? The friendly booth representative walked us skeptics through all our burning questions.

Strumstick comprises a slight wood body that supports three strings: The top and bottom strings are tuned an octave apart; the middle string is tuned to the fifth step in between. Don’t worry if you don’t know a thing about music: If you can press a guitar string you can play Strumstick. Its tonal alignment ensures you’ll always strike the right musical chord–literally–no matter where you place your fingers on the frets. You can clunk your way all over the fretboard and never not create a pleasantly straightforward melody.

Strumsticks are available in two tunings, D and G. A variety of models and species of wood tops are available. The lineup includes a three-string ukelele and a smaller children’s model. Prices range from $169 for the base model to $259 for the top-of-the-line. An instruction book and companion CD are available to aid learning.

Our conclusion, in short: If you thought you could never play guitar but always wanted to, if you want to ease yourself or a child into the world of music starting with something simple and always rewarding, this could be a good place to start. If you have more lofty aspirations, we recommend you skip this and start with the traditional stringed instrument of your dreams. Wrong notes and overcoming challenges are critical to productive musical development. We also took note of Strumstick’s price points: A decent student guitar can be had at similar prices; something to consider.

But we won’t deny the Strumstick is a nifty idea for the right audience.лучшие видеорегистраторы с антирадаром blog

Janet Jackson’s new music, new tour and new direction

It’s been five years since we’ve heard any new music from Janet Jackson and seven years since she’s released a new album.

That all changed in the past few weeks, as Janet has been cryptically hinting on Twitter that when she’s ready to drop new material to not believe any rumors and that you would hear it from her lips.

Meanwhile, her fans have been urging her to return. Jackson has married a billionaire and been living overseas, but that hasn’t stopped loyal fans from literally begging her to return.

Monday morning at 9 a.m., Jackson delivered a new single, “No Sleep,” that has got the type of slinky beat and catchy hooks that have been components of some of her biggest hits. Back with her are hit making producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who were largely absent from her recent work. “No Sleep,” given the radio support that Jackson has largely lacked since the infamous Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction fallout, should be a huge hit this summer.

Jackson is backing up the new single, with an album, expected to be called “Unbreakable” that is due late summer and a world tour that kicks off Aug. 31 in Vancouver, Canada.

Jackson is also expected to perform at the BET Awards Sunday after receiving an honor.

All signs point to a successful return of one of pop music’s biggest superstars. The new song rocks and judging by social media and the Internet, the music world at large seems to be thirsty again for Janet. Could be a big summer and fall for Miss Jackson.

Here is the new single, “No Sleep:”

https://youtu.be/v_2_VgUdeq4образцы медицинских справокрадар детектор + видеорегистратор

Audi offers smaller Q3 with full size luxury benefits

2015 Q3 interior
2015 Q3 interior

Audi has been at the top of its game for the past decade, offering some of the finest automobiles on the planet. The company’s interiors are nearly unmatched and the exterior styling always turns heads.
Audi’s dip into the crossover and SUV pool has been as spectacular, so much so it’s now offering a smaller version of the successful Q5, the Q3. It is certainly handsome and well crafted but some may find it a bit pricey and lacking in amenities.
If you compare this to the Q5, it’s a bargain coming in at thousands less. It’s also a lot smaller. It’s three inches shorter in height and 10 inches shorter in length. It comes with a long list of standard equipment that includes a panoramic sunroof, 18-inch wheels, xeon headlights, roof rails, 60/40 split rear bench, leather seats, dual climate zones, Bluetooth connectivity and cruise control. Optionally you can get the MMI Navigation system and a sports package.
Moving up the Prestige Package gives you a lot more standard stuff and enhanced equipment.
My vehicle was a premium with the navi package. What you don’t get are glaring omissions to some, such as touch screen. You get the screen, just not touch enhanced. There is also no home link, which allows you to tie in to your remote garage door system or automated security lights if you have them. I saw some complaints on the web about this but I have neither so no home link isn’t a deal breaker.
What could be an obstacle is the Q3’s compact size. It’s about the same size as a Volkswagen Tiguan (which I think this is based on0. Lexus has the bigger NX200 and there are some other offerings from Mercedes, Infiniti and BMW that fall into this category. Some cost more or about the same for this size.
That’s not to say the Q3 does not offer a great deal. The 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine gives it enough pep for everyday use. It’s not particularly quick, but the engine delivers its power smoothly and effortlessly. There were times when I thought it sounded a bit strained under hard acceleration, but for the most part the noise level is very low, from tires, engine or wind.
It’s handling is good, not great. The ride is certainly comfortable. After spending a week in Charlotte traffic, hitting ever pothole on I-77 this works very well in urban settings.
Like all Audi’s, the Q3 can be had in quattro guise, giving it the ultimate in traction during foul weather.
The most impressive points about this vehicle is the build quality. Few companies are designing and building stuff that looks this good or works this well. The interior is classic Audi. It’s only flaw is the MMI control isn’t in the center console. Its mounted in the center stack. Once you get used to this it’s OK, but why make it different from the other vehicles? There’s wood, metal and leather, the same you would find in the bigger Q5 – albeit in smaller amounts. As usual, Audi has done a great job.
The Q3 can range in price from $35,875 to nearly $50,000 depending on how equipped. My front wheel drive Premium was in the low $40,000s. There is a lot to pick from in that price range from a lot of manufacturers. I think the Q3 is certainly to be considered, especially if you are a fan of Audi.

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New Apple operating system has a bluetooth bug

Apple has released an update to its computer operating system, called Yosemite. The update, OS X 10.10.3, brings many updates, including a new Photos app that is very similar to Photos on the iPad and iMacBookPro_Yosemite_Hero_HEROPhone. It’s also got some security updates.

Many readers of ADT and throughout the Internet have complained about a bluetooth issue. Bluetooth devices were not being recognized and users were unable to turn on bluetooth.

A fix, sent to us by several readers, involves resetting your computer while holding down Command, Option and the P and R keys, something called “resetting your PRam.” When you hear the normal Apple re-boot sound, hold down the buttons until your hear it again. Then let go.

For us, and for several readers, resetting PRam solved the bluetooth issues. And for the record, we kind of like the new Photos app, too. It can send all your photos — and any edits you make — to all your devices.регистратор и антирадар в одномBinary Option live Signals