Verizon to begin to throttle data for its users

Droid Life reports today that Verizon has started to throttle data speeds for some of its customers.

AT&T and T-Mobile already throttle data. AT&T slows the top five percent of users. T-Mobile slows you down when you hit 5 GB of data used.

Verizon’s “Network Optimization Practices” will affects only the top five percent of the company’s 3G data users.

Verizon says it will throttle only when an internet device, like a hotspot or tablet or a smartphone with an unlimited plan falls into the top five percent of data usage — and is on a congested cell site.

When that happens, customers’ data speeds will be periodically reduced. That reduction will last through the remainder of the current bill cycle and will extend into the next one.

Now that part stings.

T-Mobile, for example, just slows you down until the current billing cycle ends. And if you’re not on a congested cell site, say in a big city, you may never get onto Verizon’s radar.

Also, Verizon is apparently not throttling customers who are on the 4G LTE network or on the tiered data plans. Verizon is also stressing that’s its throttling is not like the competition’s throttling. From its notes:

“The difference between our network optimization practice and throttling is about network intelligence. With throttling, your wireless connection is slowed down for your entire cycle, 100% of the time, no matter where you are. Network Optimization balances the best possible experience on the network and for the customer. Network Optimization Practices is more precise and requires more management than throttling, however it provides the greatest balance for everyone. So, if you’re in the top 5% of data users, your connection is slowed only when you are in a congested cell site.”

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