Video game sales down 26 percent in July

Video games industry, welcome to the Recession.

According to the NPD Group, which tracks the industry, July hardware and software sales were down 26 percent in July compared to the same month in 2010.

Sound a little like the housing industry?

It’s probably getting a little hard for families to shell out $50 to $60 on the new Madden when it means choosing whether to pay EA Sports or the Power Guy.

NPD says July sales were $707.7 million, down from $961.3 million in July 2010. Why the dip? Hardware sales fell 29 percent to $223 million. Games sales dipped 30 percent, to $336 million, also including PC games.

The top seller, though, for the month was EA Sports’ NCAA Football 12 which sold nearly 800,000 units and 15 percent better than it sold last season. This, of course, proves that we pay to fix our football jones before we pay the Power Guy.

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